Gleneagles Secondary College

Girls at Gleneagles Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear white socks with their summer dress, and black socks or tights with their winter skirt.

Black, leather, lace up traditional school shoes, plain black leather slip on dress shoes with rounded or square toes for boys, or Harrison or Roc T-Bar sandals for girls (for safety reasons, heels must not exceed 3 cm). Buckles on sandals must be done up. N.B. Black canvas shoes (Dunlop Volley type or the like) or
ballet type shoes are not permitted.

Uniform at Gleneagles Secondary College is compulsory and all students are required to wear the College Council approved school uniform. All students are required to wear the new College uniform. The old uniform was fully phased out at the end of 2012.


New uniform at King David School

King David School introduced their current school uniform in mid 2012. An 18 month transition period followed, finishing at the end of the 2013 school year. The old style uniforms were collected and donated to a school in Africa.

January 2012

Appendix K – Uniform Policy & Information

Please note that the School Uniform is being redeveloped and the new uniform will be launched in the second part of the year. The phase in period will be 18 months.

December 2012

The second half of 2012 has seen the fruition of over 2 years of work by the members of the uniform committee with the introduction of the new uniform. The new uniform is consistent with the values of the School. It is modern, comfortable and emphasises gender equity.

A planning committee was set up, comprising parents, teaching staff, senior management and a consultant. Feedback about uniform preferences were canvassed from parents and students and taken into account in the design of the new uniforms.

The new uniform is smart and fits the profile of the direction in which The King David School is heading through this next chapter. Modern and with clean lines, the new uniform hopes to reflect a sense of pride about being a King David student.

This has been a big undertaking and the process has been supported by the uniform shop manager. A big thank-you to the uniform committee and for hours and hours of ongoing work.

Students have until the end of 2013 to transition out of the old uniform, after which all students will be required to wear only the new uniform. We know our students will wear the new uniform with pride.

July 2012

The Ducere Foundation together with King David are helping the plight of some of the poorest children. Old school uniforms will be donated to a primary school in Zambia. Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the world and has the highest concentration of orphans in the world. The majority of the population live on less than $2 a day.

Posters have been put up on all campuses as well as collection bins to facilitate collection of the old uniforms. The King David Parents’ Association who run the Uniform Shop will also donate the brand new, unsold uniforms that are no longer needed as we transition into our new uniform.

King David School

Girls at King David School Armadale are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform but must keep them buckled up. They wear white socks with their summer dress, and navy blue socks or tights with their winter skirt.

May 2017

Girl’s Academic Uniform


– Dress
– Shirt – pale blue short/ long sleeved
– Pants – navy blue pinstripe
– Vest or Pullover
– Socks – Plain white knee-high socks. No ankle or sport socks allowed


– Girls may wear either the school skirt or pants.
– Skirt – navy blue pinstripe
– Shirt – pale blue short/long sleeved
– Pants – navy blue pinstripe
– Vest or Pullover
– Navy Tights or knee-high navy blue socks with skirts. Navy short socks with pants (no ankle socks).
– Hair accessories – navy ribbon

Black leather standard school shoes – max. 3cm heel. Black T-Bars are permitted, but must remain buckled at all times. Prep-Year 5 students may wear Velcro black leather shoes. Mary Jane style is acceptable.

Another t-bar styled Mary Jane shoe from Wilde

What happens when a T-bar school shoe crosses paths with a Mary Jane? We have seen this before. But this time it is the ‘Johanna’ by Wilde. It is a standard buckle up t-bar school shoe, but without the ‘t’ strap.

Wilde Johanna t-bar style buckle up Mary Jane shoe

Wilde Johanna t-bar style buckle up Mary Jane shoe

Wilde Johanna t-bar style buckle up Mary Jane shoe

Compare with the almost identical Gro-Shu ‘Bond’, and the ‘Jade’ also by Wilde – which differs by having a velcro strap and closed toe.

American schoolgirls at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College

Most American schools don’t have uniforms. But when their students head overseas on exchange programs, they have to dress in the uniforms of their host schools. Here are five American schoolgirls attending Hoppers Crossing Secondary College in Melbourne.

Left to right: Summer dresses and black tights. Australian style laceup shoes, white running shoes. Winter skirt, bare legs, t-bar style ballet flats. Harrison style t-bar school shoes, more white running shoes.

American schoolgirls on exchange to Hoppers Crossing Secondary College

Monivae College, Hamilton

The girls at Monivae College in Hamilton, Australia are required to wear black leather school shoes. They have been warned that ‘fashion’ style shoes are not permitted.

Monivae College summer uniform

October 2014

Unfortunately some students are wearing inappropriate foot wear to school and those doing so need to correct their footwear to the appropriate ones. Students are not permitted to wear flat soled black leather fashion shoes with brand names that include are but not limited to Vans, Globe or Converse shoes. Boys are also not permitted to wear slip on dress shoes. Student foot wear must be traditional black leather lace-up or buckled up shoes.

Spot the odd girl out

Two trios of schoolgirls. All attend Monivae College, Hamilton. In each trio there is an odd one out. Can you spot her?

Monivae College - girls trio in summer dresses with an odd girl out (mary janes)

Monivae College - girls trio in summer dresses with an odd girl out (elastic strap ballet flats)

Did you check their shoes? All are wearing t-bars, except for the one girl in mary janes, and another girl in elastic strap ballet flats.