Monivae College, Hamilton

The girls at Monivae College in Hamilton, Australia are required to wear black leather school shoes. They have been warned that ‘fashion’ style shoes are not permitted.

Monivae College summer uniform

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October 2014

Unfortunately some students are wearing inappropriate foot wear to school and those doing so need to correct their footwear to the appropriate ones. Students are not permitted to wear flat soled black leather fashion shoes with brand names that include are but not limited to Vans, Globe or Converse shoes. Boys are also not permitted to wear slip on dress shoes. Student foot wear must be traditional black leather lace-up or buckled up shoes.

Year 12 girls dressing up primary-school style

Muck up day is year year 12s let their hair down to celebrate the end of 12 years of schooling. These young ladies decided to take a trip back in time, and dress up primary-school style.

Year 12 girls dressing up primary-school style

Their summer dresses are a blast from the past. But I’m not sure those knee socks and t-bars are!

Spot the odd girl out

Two trios of schoolgirls. All attend Monivae College, Hamilton. In each trio there is an odd one out. Can you spot her?

Monivae College - girls trio in summer dresses with an odd girl out (mary janes)

Monivae College - girls trio in summer dresses with an odd girl out (elastic strap ballet flats)

Did you check their shoes? All are wearing t-bars, except for the one girl in mary janes, and another girl in elastic strap ballet flats.

Brauer College, Warrnambool

Brauer College in Warrnambool banned t-bar school shoes back in 2013, with a three year grace period that ended in 2016. They wear white ankle socks with their summer dress, and black tights with their winter skirt.

Brauer College summer uniform with t-bar school shoes

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April 2016


The colder weather is a reminder that all students should now be wearing complete winter uniform. This includes black stockings/tights- not footless tights and socks- and all shoes to be worn in the appropriate manner. “T-bars” are not to be worn.

The transition time to move over to black lace up shoes from ‘T-bars’ is now over (3 years) and students will be requested to have the correct shoes.

Nagle College, Bairnsdale

The girls at Nagle College in Bairnsdale have not been allowed to wear t-bar school shoes since 2015. They wear white ankle socks with their summer dress, and either white socks or black tights with their winter skirt.

Nagle College winter uniform with laceup shoes

Nagle College summer uniform with t-bars school shoes

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Uniform Guidelines 2015

Footwear: Black leather lace up school shoes (for girls and boys), or leather dress shoes (for boys) are to be
worn during school hours and whenever the School Uniform is worn. All shoes must be of an approved style.
Footwear should be polished regularly and be well maintained. Basketball boots, skate shoes or other types of sports or casual shoes are not permitted. The T‐Bar shoes for girls are no longer approved Nagle College

Over on the TRFM Facebook page, mums have been discussing the ban.

Julie Nicholes
They have been banned at Nagle College in Bairnsdale for two years now

Debbie Coady
Geez they were the only shoes they wore when my kids went there

Julie Nicholes
Debbie my daughter started year 7 that year it started and wasn’t impressed…

Kellie Matthey Svetlik
Nagle stopped having t bars a couple of years ago. Hadn’t heard about deodorants

Short skirts at Clonard College

At Clonard College in Geelong an ongoing theme is the length of summer dresses – the girls love to make them as short as possible.

Summer dress length at Clonard College

April 2014

As students are now in a period of changing from summer to winter uniform it is important that we clarify and have very clear instructions for the girls about skirt length. Some students have already come to school in skirts that are of an inappropriate length for school.

The skirt is to be worn at knee length or below. If students are wearing the skirt either too long or too short they will need to either take up their hem or replace the uniform item. If this is the case, a demerit will be issued, parent contact will be made and a note will be made in the student’s diary by the level coordinator so teachers are aware that the issue has been dealt with. Students will have up to a week for uniform to be adjusted.

We do not apologise for the uniform expectations we have of students as we are proud of our uniform and the fact that it usually helps to build a positive reputation of our school that all of our students can benefit from. Thank you for your support on this matter.

September 2015

As we begin Term 4 you may notice that over the Winter period your daughter has grown and her dress length is no longer appropriate.

It may be time to alter the hem-length or purchase another dress from Bellarine Uniforms or the Clonard College Second-hand Uniform Shop.

Summer dresses should be worn ‘to the knee’, not mid-thigh as some students have worn their dresses on the last few warm days that we have had.

Students will be issued with a demerit if their dress length is determined to be of an inappropriate length.

Below is an example of summer dresses that are too short.

This how the summer dress should be worn.

Buzzfeed look at Australian all girls’ schools

Spotted on Buzzfeed – 31 Things You Understand If You Went To An Australian All Girls’ School. Item 16: Your parents bought your uniform a thousand sizes bigger so you could “grow into it”.

Buzzfeed - Your parents bought your uniform a thousand sizes bigger so you could “grow into it”.

From the comments.

Pamela Knight
September 22

Hahaha …. so, so true!! – but the pic needs to get the full look – which includes the socks pushed down & the tee bar buckle on the shoes left unbuckled!

Like so.

White socks and unbuckled t-bars and

T-bar school shoe with a skate shoe sole

There are many brands that produce Harrison style t-bar shoes, but here is an interesting shoe from Roc Boots – a T-bar school shoe with a skate shoe sole.

T-bar school shoes with skate shoe soles - by Roc Shoes

How many different types of school shoe can you see?

In Melbourne t-bar shoes are a popular choice for school girls to wear with their school uniform. However that isn’t their only option – some schools aren’t as strict about the types of buckle shoes that can be worn, and there is always the fallback option of boring old black laceups.

How many different types of school shoes can you spot in this class photo?

St Aloysius College - year 12 girls in a variety of school shoes, part 1

In just the first row.

  • Elastic strap ballet flat
  • Harrison t-bars, two pairs
  • Chunky t-bars
  • Double strapped elastic ballet flat
  • More Harrison t-bars
  • And two pairs of laceups

St Aloysius College - year 12 girls in a variety of school shoes, part 2

And on the other side of the teacher.

  • Laceups
  • Harrison t-bars
  • Buckle up mary janes
  • Two more pairs of Harrison t-bars
  • Elastic strap mary janes
  • Velcro strap mary janes
  • And finally, an unbuckled pair of Harrison t-bars

And in the second row is even more shoes to see – with six pairs of unbuckled t-bars among them, it appears teacher missed checking the uniforms of all of the girls.

St Aloysius College’s new uniform

In 2015 Melbourne’s St Aloysius College introduced a new school uniform. The same blue theme was retained, but with the previous tartan patterns replaced by a modern pinstripe look.

St Aloysius College - new summer uniform

St Aloysius College - new summer uniform with blazer

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Throughout time, the uniform has changed dramatically, featuring such trends as lengthening and shortening of hemlines, improved footwear and additional accessories. Throughout the 128 years history of St. Aloysius College, the uniform has changed with the trends of fashion; adapting shorter skirts, dresses, new patterns, styles and colors.

The new summer dress is light blue with a darker pinstripe, the new winter skirt is a dark blue with light pinstripe, and the updated navy blazer now has piping along the edges.

The previous blazer was plain blue, matched with a dark blue tartan winter skirt, and a light blue tartan summer dress.

St Aloysius College - old summer uniform