St Peter’s College Cranbourne

Girls at St Peter’s College Cranbourne are required to wear black lace up school shoes. They wear white socks with their summer dresses, and black tights with their winter skirt.

St Peter’s College Cranbourne summer uniform 3rd February, 2010

Girl’s shoes should be black lace up. T-Bars are not permitted.

Loreto Mandeville Hall

Girls at Loreto Mandeville Hall have been warned regarding unbuckled t-bar school shoes. They wear black school shoes and white socks with their winter dresses, and navy tights with their winter skirts.

Loreto Mandeville Hall summer uniform with black -tbars

27 April 2011

Finally, please ensure all shoe laces and buckles are done up. Whilst considered ‘fashionable”, an undone shoe can be very hazardous.

Apparently the girls have a habit of taking off their shoes and socks in order to sunbake between classes.

A student may receive a demerit point for t-bar/lace up shoes undone.

Sunbaking at school is not permitted, and shoes and socks must remain on during the day.

Catholic College Bendigo

The girls at Catholic College Bendigo have been warned to buckle up their t-bars. They wear black shoes and navy socks with both their summer and winter uniforms.

Catholic College Bendigo summer uniform with laceup shoes

17 February 2011

Girls wear plain black lace-up style leather school shoes or black T-Bars (or boots with slacks). Heels on lace up shoes should be kept to a minimum for health and safety reasons.

Buckles on T-Bars must be done up and not left undone and sloppy. T-Bars should have one strap across the foot and must have the centre T strap.

Slip on ballet style shoes will not be tolerated!

Melbourne Girls College

Melbourne Girls College banned t-bars at the start of 2011. The girls wear white socks with their summer uniform, and black tights with their winter uniform.

Melbourne Girls College summer uniform with t-bars

03 February 2011

Remember: NO T-Bar Shoes

Black lace up school shoes ONLY are to be worn. The College’s uniform supplier, Bob Stewart, stocks the following shoes:

Clarks “Infinity”
Clarks “Daytona”
Clarks “24 Seven”
Harrison “Iowa”
If purchasing shoes from other suppliers please ensure they resemble the above mentioned shoes.

2 May 2012

Full winter uniform is required from Monday 29th of April. It is important that all students have either black tights (not sheer stockings) or long white socks. Shoes must be black leather school shoes (not boots) with laces as listed in the school planner.

Students are not permitted to wear non uniform items (including scarves) and these will be confiscated should this occur. These requirements apply to travel to and from school and whilst at school. The blazer is a compulsory part of the school uniform and should be worn to and from school on a daily basis.

Star of the Sea College

Star of the Sea College banned t-bars when they introduced a new school uniform in 2009. Their old uniform featured fawn socks or tights with brown t-bar school shoes. The new uniform features white summer socks and navy winter tights with black lace up shoes.

Star of the Sea College new uniform with black shoes

Star of the Sea College old uniform with brown shoes

In 2012

  • Years 7, 8, 9 and 11 students will wear the “new” uniform,
  • Years 10 and Year 12 students may wear the “new” uniform,


  • Years 10 and Year 12 will continue to wear the 2009 uniform.