T-bar school shoes gone casual

Feeling in a casual mood? How about pairing your t-bar school shoes with jeans and no socks. Watch out for sweaty feet.

Back to school shoe promotions

Another school year is about to begin.

Girls can go back to school with the range of laceup and t-bar shoes by Wilde.

Or head to Spendless Shoes and select a pair from their range.

School shoes by DCS Uniforms

DCS Uniforms is a Melbourne based supplier of school uniforms. They also sell a range of re-branded Wilde school shoes under their own name.


DCS UNIFORMS is a locally owned and operated uniform supplier that has grown significantly through the ability to manufacture and supply quality school uniforms at very competitive prices.

While some items are manufactured overseas we endeavour to manufacture as many garments as possible in Australia supporting local jobs and families. Our growth has been steady.

DCS Jenny – Girls T-Bar School Shoe Black Smooth Full Leather

DCS Jenny – Girls T-Bar School Shoe Black Hi Shine Full Leather

DCS Jezra – Girls Laceup School Shoe Black Smooth Leather

DCS Jade – Girls Leather Mary Jane School Shoe

Another t-bar styled Mary Jane shoe from Wilde

What happens when a T-bar school shoe crosses paths with a Mary Jane? We have seen this before. But this time it is the ‘Johanna’ by Wilde. It is a standard buckle up t-bar school shoe, but without the ‘t’ strap.

Wilde Johanna t-bar style buckle up Mary Jane shoe

Wilde Johanna t-bar style buckle up Mary Jane shoe

Wilde Johanna t-bar style buckle up Mary Jane shoe

Compare with the almost identical Gro-Shu ‘Bond’, and the ‘Jade’ also by Wilde – which differs by having a velcro strap and closed toe.

Wilde – another t-bar styled Mary Jane shoe

This is the ‘Jade’ by Wilde: another t-bar styled Mary Jane shoe. This time the ‘T’ strap is replaced by a a single strap, secured with velcro.

Wilde 'Jade' maryjane school shoe: top view

The shoe has the same contrast heel and stitching are the classic t-bar school shoe. But it lacks the toe cutouts, instead having a closed toe like a t-bar styled laceup shoe.

Wilde 'Jade' maryjane school shoe: toe view

Wilde 'Jade' maryjane school shoe: front view

Wilde 'Jade' maryjane school shoe: side view