School shoes by DCS Uniforms

DCS Uniforms is a Melbourne based supplier of school uniforms. They also sell a range of re-branded Wilde school shoes under their own name.

DCS UNIFORMS is a locally owned and operated uniform supplier that has grown significantly through the ability to manufacture and supply quality school uniforms at very competitive prices.

While some items are manufactured overseas we endeavour to manufacture as many garments as possible in Australia supporting local jobs and families. Our growth has been steady.

DCS Jenny – Girls T-Bar School Shoe Black Smooth Full Leather

DCS Jenny – Girls T-Bar School Shoe Black Hi Shine Full Leather

DCS Jezra – Girls Laceup School Shoe Black Smooth Leather

DCS Jade – Girls Leather Mary Jane School Shoe

Another t-bar styled Mary Jane shoe from Wilde

What happens when a T-bar school shoe crosses paths with a Mary Jane? We have seen this before. But this time it is the ‘Johanna’ by Wilde. It is a standard buckle up t-bar school shoe, but without the ‘t’ strap.

Wilde Johanna t-bar style buckle up Mary Jane shoe

Wilde Johanna t-bar style buckle up Mary Jane shoe

Wilde Johanna t-bar style buckle up Mary Jane shoe

Compare with the almost identical Gro-Shu ‘Bond’, and the ‘Jade’ also by Wilde – which differs by having a velcro strap and closed toe.

Wilde – another t-bar styled Mary Jane shoe

This is the ‘Jade’ by Wilde: another t-bar styled Mary Jane shoe. This time the ‘T’ strap is replaced by a a single strap, secured with velcro.

Wilde 'Jade' maryjane school shoe: top view

The shoe has the same contrast heel and stitching are the classic t-bar school shoe. But it lacks the toe cutouts, instead having a closed toe like a t-bar styled laceup shoe.

Wilde 'Jade' maryjane school shoe: toe view

Wilde 'Jade' maryjane school shoe: front view

Wilde 'Jade' maryjane school shoe: side view

Trashed t-bar school shoes

T-bar school shoes sure take a beating. Girls wear them five days a week for the entire school year!

There are many reasons to get your t-bar shoes buckled up. You won’t shuffle your feet along the ground. That wears out the soles of your shoes.

Harrison t-bars with worn and scuffed soles

If you don’t you’ll get holes in the bottom, and wet feet in winter

Harrison t-bars with a hole in the worn and scuffed soles

Shuffling alters your gait, bending your shoe more than normal. Keep at it, and eventually the stitching between the sole and the shoe upper will break.

Harrison Indiana t-bars with a hole between the sole and upper

All that shuffling can scuff also the toes of the shoe.

Harrison Indiana t-bars with scuffed toes

Shoe polish can’t fix the worst scuffing.

Schoolgirl wearing a scuffed pair of Harrison Idaho t-bars with white socks

Incorrectly fitted shoes mean feet slide around inside the shoe, wearing it away.

Harrison Indiana t-bars with the inside of the heel worn away

Lunchtimes spent sitting crosslegged on the asphalt result in scuffed patches on the side of the shoe.

Harrison Idaho t-bar with scuffed sides

But keeping your shoes buckled up won’t prevent the strap breaking.

Wilde t-bars with a broken strap

With nothing left to do up, this pair of Wilde t-bar school shoes is destined for a life of shuffling around unbuckled.

Wilde t-bars with a broken strap

Multi-coloured t-bar school shoes

Any colour you like as long as it is black – that is what the original Harrison t-bar school shoes are known for. But Wilde, a manufacture of very similar t-bar shoe, you can pick any colour you like.

Selection of multicoloured 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde

In 2012 they released their ‘Jenny’ t-bar school in six new colours.

‘Cobalt’ blue.

Cobalt blue 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde


Pink 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde


Purple 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde


White 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde


Yellow 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde

And red.

Red 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde

Pity they don’t seem to be available any more. 😦

Established back in 1998, Wilde has created the perfect expression of affordable fashion footwear with market leading attention to quality, comfort and value all with a designer inspired point of view.

Pretty in Pink (t-bar shoes that is)

Black t-bar school shoes are a dime a dozen. Brown ones are a little rarer. But PINK t-bars?

Fashion Hayley shows off her pink t-bar shoes

Say hi to Miss Hayley. Her shoes are ‘Jenny’ by Wilde.


On the weekend I bought my second pair of these colourful school uniform shoes (in purple and for 50% off), this pink pair was my first and I realised I’ve never blogged them before. In Australia these t-bar style shoes are the shoe of choice for most school uniforms in both primary and secondary school, of course only in brown, black or navy not pink or purple. I fell in love with these colourful ones as soon as I saw them at iShoes on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy over a year ago, I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to blog them. I love reworking traditional styles of clothing in unexpected ways.

As to the rest of her look.

I never had a school uniform growing up, my primary school and both my high schools were inner city public schools without uniforms for whatever reason. Not having a uniform I used to look at the other kids on the tram in their matching school uniforms and feel sorry for them. There I was in my 90s ‘grunger’ outfit consisting of red flared pants with faux fur triangles, a tie-dye purple slip skirt over the top of the pants and a vintage diy cropped band t-shirt with my midriff exposed.

Essentially my outfit was the exact opposite of a boring ol’ uniform but part of me thought the uniforms were rather cute, especially the pinafore dresses of a local private school. So when I saw this cute pink love heart print pinafore dress on ASOS I immediately bought it and put together a look which is in part school uniform inspired – a kawaii school uniform if you will.

Nice combo, don’t you think?

Fashion Hayley shows off her pink t-bar shoes