Newcastle High School

Newcastle High School might be located in the middle of New South Wales, but t-bar school shoes are still on their list of acceptable footwear for senior students.


The school expects that students wear closed in leather, lace-up style shoes. They must cover the top of the foot and have a small heel. Full leather thick strap T-Bar Mary-Jane shoes are acceptable.

Students MUST NOT wear skate shoes, black soft ‘ballet’ style shoes, open styled ‘Mary Jane’ shoes, canvas shoes or any similar.

Unacceptable school shoes at MFGSC

Girls at Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College wear white socks with their summer dresses, and either blue socks or tights with their winter kilts. They have been reminded to wear black leather school shoes and the correct socks.

Unacceptable school shoes for MFGSC students

May 2011

School shoes have greatly improved in their appearance this year. The College Council has determined that flat ballet shoes are not to be worn to school. The College Planner states that shoes must be ‘black leather school shoes (or black T bar style).’

May 2014

Summer Uniform
Lightweight plain white or navy blue socks
Black leather school shoes (or black T bar style)

Winter Uniform
Plain white or navy blue socks or navy tights
Black leather school shoes (or black T bar style)

Incorrect shoes and socks.
While the T-bars are correct uniform they need to be clean and in good repair.

No canvas shoes, Chuck Taylors, or funny coloured socks!

December 2015

The following are not permitted:

  • Wearing of leggings and pants under school dress or skirt/kilt
  • Shoes that are scuffed or broken – students will be required to repair shoes and polish them
  • Black, ripped or lacey tights
  • Ankle lace up boots
  • Socks worn over the top of tights – Students will be asked to remove socks