Harrison t-bar school shoe sizes

When buying any shoe, getting the right fit is crucial. Harrison’s range school shoes make this hard – they are sold in UK sizes.

Head into your local shoe shop to get the right fit.

Or consult this conversion chart. For example: if you normally wear an Australian size 8 women’s shoe, buy your Harrison t-bars in size 6.

T-bar school shoe meets leather boots

Take a Harrison Iowa laceup school shoe, extend it into boot, and you get the Harrison Illinois – t-bar school shoe meets leather boots.

Go back to school in style with the ever so popular womens/older girls Harrison lace up school boots. These boots are durable, functional and super cute!

Alternatively this Harrison boot is the perfect partner for casual weekends. Team with skinny leg jeans and a shirt for a casual weekend look.

New logo for Harrison shoes

Harrison shoes recently updated their logo.

The new stylised ‘A’ logo replaces the former ‘star’ design. Which itself replaced the previous ‘worm’ logotype.

Brand new Harrison t-bar school shoes

Here is a brand new pair of Harrison Idaho t-bar school shoes. Fresh out of the box, the cardboard is still inside the shoe.

Classic uniforms at Siena College Camberwell

Siena College launched their current school uniform in 2012. It replaced the previous uniform that featured brown lace up school shoes, a pink dress and fawn knee socks in summer, and a brown skirt with brown tights in winter.

Commencing in 2013, all students new to the College will be required to wear the new uniform. The next two years until the start of 2015 provided a transition period for current students to change to the new uniform.