Polishing black Harrison Iowa shoes

It’s that time of the year – back to school! Are your school shoes ready for the new year? If not, better get the shoe polish out, like the owner of this pair of Harrison Iowa laceup shoes.


Victorian monopoly on Harrison shoes

Shoes and Sox is a chain of shoe shops with stores all around Australia. But for their back to school sale, only the one state will have Harrison shoes in stock.

They offer plenty of options Clarks lace-up school shoes. But the Harrison Indy II is available in Victoria only.

And the same story on the Mary Jane page. The Harrison Indiana II is another Victoria-only shoe.

Warrnambool schools in the news for banning t-bar shoes

In 2016 Warrnambool school Emmanuel College hit the news for banning t-bar school shoes.


15 August 2016

Emmanuel College will ban girls’ T-bar shoes from next year in a bid to improve health and safety.

Principal Peter Morgan said the decision was made in consultation with staff, especially teachers of practical-based subjects.

“A lot of schools have already made the decision to move from T-bar shoes to sturdier lace-up shoes,” Mr Morgan said.

T-bar shoes expose the top of the foot, whereas lace-up shoes completely cover the foot.

“They’re not a sound or solid shoe and in practical-based subjects such as cooking or woodwork, open-toed shoes allow for knives or chisels to penetrate. Lace-up shoes provide greater protection,” he said.

The change will come into effect from the beginning of the 2017 school year.

“Any families purchasing new shoes for their daughters from now on, will need to purchase lace-up shoes to meet health and safety requirements.”

Mr Morgan said posturally T-bar shoes didn’t provide good support for the wearer but “at the end of the day the decision is based on safety.”

Rauert’s Shoex owner Peter Rauert said Mr Morgan had written a letter to inform him of the change which was not unique.

“Quite a few (schools) have changed from T-bars to lace-up shoes,” Mr Rauert said. “Hawkesdale were the first. Brauer did a couple of years ago and Emmanuel is starting to phase it in.

“There’s quite a few (schools) around the district and Melbourne metro have already banned them. It’s a progression you could say.”

Mr Rauert placed the store’s back-to-school orders in June and hoped there was enough lace-up shoes to meet the increased demand.

“Most of the girls are fairly happy. Most of the Emmanuel girls seem to be receptive to swapping over,” he said.

“We usually try to advise the family about the correct footwear to buy. If they want to go against it that’s their choice.

“Now as more kids swap over it will become acceptable. For the new ones coming through it will be the done thing,” he said.

Moama Anglican Grammar School

Girls at Moama Anglican Grammar School are not permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear plain white socks with their summer dress, and navy tights with their winter skirt.


October 2015

It is the responsibility of our students to wear the uniform neatly and with pride. Unfortunately, there are some who continually contravene the School Uniform Policy. The following list details aspects of most concern:
* Incorrect footwear such as runners, ballet flats and t-bar shoes being substituted for school shoes

Rosehill Secondary College

Girls at Rosehill Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear plain white socks with their summer dress, and white socks or black or navy opaque tights with their winter skirt.


October 2010

As the weather becomes warmer, a number of girls have begun wearing the summer uniform with blue or black tights. No tights are to be worn with the summer dress (black tights are not permitted at all); white socks are to be worn. Girls who feel it is not quite warm enough to wear the dress with socks only, may wear natural coloured panty-hose under their socks.

Girl’s dresses and kilts must be an appropriate length; some students are currently wearing dresses which are too short. Students have been warned of this repeatedly and those infringing the uniform policy will be given detention.

The uniform policy as specified in the 2011 College Diary states that shoes should be ‘black, laced leather shoes or all-black laced runners’. Boys are not permitted
to wear the canvas ‘karate’ shoes they have taken to wearing. Girls must have similar shoes, but the shoes may have buckles (e.g. the T-Bar or ‘Mary-Jane’ style of shoes).