T-bar school shoes at Spendless Shoes

Spendless Shoes stocks their own range of t-bar style school shoes – under the Cativo, Obsessed and Everflex brand names.

All three brands of school shoe come in the same boxes, and look much the same except for the name on the sole.

Cativo ‘Georgia’ is their high-shine t-bar school shoe for senior girls.

Their senior girls school range range also includes the Everflex ‘Zadow’ t-bar in matte leather, and the Everflex ‘Olive’ laceup.

The Spendless Shoes junior girls range includes the Obsessed ‘Jilly’ high-shine t-bar, and the Obsessed ‘Rachael’ laceup.

Dr Martens triple strap t-bar shoes

Not one strap. Not two. But three straps. These are the Dr Martens ‘Freya Aunt Sally’ t-bar shoes.

Dr. Martens Polley t-bar shoes

Dr. Martens has their own version of the classic t-bar shoe – ‘Polley’.

Casey Grammar School

Girls at Casey Grammar School are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear white socks with their summer dress, and navy tights or socks with their winter skirt.

Click to access Student%20Uniform%20%26%20Guidelines.pdf

Only two types of school shoes are permitted: Black leather lace up formal school shoes, (not casual shoes sold as school shoes) Black leather buckle up shoes, (not fashion shoes). For both types, the heel is not to exceed 3cm. Students wearing T-bar school shoes must have them buckled up.

Vegan t-bar school shoes

Schoolgirls who love animals but don’t want to wear them on their feet have a problem. The range of Harrison t-bar school shoes are made of leather. The same applies to the numerous copycat styles. But these ‘Jane’ shoes by Vegan Wares are made of synthetic materials, not animal products.

Hand crafted footwear which combines Ecolorica microfbre uppers with durable and repairable rubber soles. We developed this concept 20 years ago with the aim of minimizing environmental impacts by maximizing product life. Made in Melbourne, Australia

Looking for vegan school shoes

The range of Harrison t-bar school shoes are made of leather. The same applies to the numerous copycat styles. This is a problem for schoolgirls who love animals but don’t want to wear them on their feet.


18 May 2014
Shoes? Help!!!

Q: Does anyone know of anywhere to get t-bar school shoes that aren’t made of leather? At the start of the school year I went to get shoes for the new year, but my high school won’t let me wear normal shoes during the day ( I think most are like that). I arrived at the shopping centre expecting to easily find some synthetic or vinyl t-bars, but they were all leather! Mum and Dad made me get leather ones because we couldn’t find others. I was so upset I could have screamed!!! Help me please!

A: Is your school strict on t-bars? I used to wear vegan Dr Martens to high school (shoes, not the boots!)

Q: We don’t specifically have to wear t-bars but t-bars, buckles or lace ups are our choices. They have to be leather or vinyl but I can’t find vinyl anywhere.

A: This place in Collingwood might have what you’re after – http://www.veganwares.com/
Or if not they might be able to make something especially for you happy


6 Jan 2010
Vegan school shoes in Canberra?

Q: So I’m moving to Melbourne thus moving schools, and this new school requires black t-bar or lace-up “leather” shoes as part of the uniform. I know of a few shops in Melbourne that sell vegan school shoes, but I won’t be back to Melbourne until a few days before school starts, so I was wondering if anybody knew of anywhere in Canberra that sells them?
I’ve googled but I can’t find anything D:
Thanks for any help!

A: I had to get some for work the other day. K-Mart was sheet – most seemed to have “leather uppers.” At Target though, many were 100% synthetic. Looking forward though to get a pair from Vegan Wares for school next year, in Melbourne.

A: I think that’s a good idea, just get a pair from target or something, then when they wear out, you can go to Vegan Wears happy I can’t wait until my leather T-bars fall apart so I can invest in a nice pair of cruelty free school shoes.

Grizzly ‘Sand’ t-bar school shoes

There is a chunky-looking mid height platform heel t-bar school shoe: ‘Sand’ by Grizzly shoes.