Looking for vegan school shoes

The range of Harrison t-bar school shoes are made of leather. The same applies to the numerous copycat styles. This is a problem for schoolgirls who love animals but don’t want to wear them on their feet.


18 May 2014
Shoes? Help!!!

Q: Does anyone know of anywhere to get t-bar school shoes that aren’t made of leather? At the start of the school year I went to get shoes for the new year, but my high school won’t let me wear normal shoes during the day ( I think most are like that). I arrived at the shopping centre expecting to easily find some synthetic or vinyl t-bars, but they were all leather! Mum and Dad made me get leather ones because we couldn’t find others. I was so upset I could have screamed!!! Help me please!

A: Is your school strict on t-bars? I used to wear vegan Dr Martens to high school (shoes, not the boots!)

Q: We don’t specifically have to wear t-bars but t-bars, buckles or lace ups are our choices. They have to be leather or vinyl but I can’t find vinyl anywhere.

A: This place in Collingwood might have what you’re after – http://www.veganwares.com/
Or if not they might be able to make something especially for you happy


6 Jan 2010
Vegan school shoes in Canberra?

Q: So I’m moving to Melbourne thus moving schools, and this new school requires black t-bar or lace-up “leather” shoes as part of the uniform. I know of a few shops in Melbourne that sell vegan school shoes, but I won’t be back to Melbourne until a few days before school starts, so I was wondering if anybody knew of anywhere in Canberra that sells them?
I’ve googled but I can’t find anything D:
Thanks for any help!

A: I had to get some for work the other day. K-Mart was sheet – most seemed to have “leather uppers.” At Target though, many were 100% synthetic. Looking forward though to get a pair from Vegan Wares for school next year, in Melbourne.

A: I think that’s a good idea, just get a pair from target or something, then when they wear out, you can go to Vegan Wears happy I can’t wait until my leather T-bars fall apart so I can invest in a nice pair of cruelty free school shoes.

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