Elwood College

Girls at Elwood College are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear white ankle socks with their summer dress, and navy tights or socks with their winter skirt.


Girls Summer

College dress (no shorter than 5cm above the knee)
Navy College jumper
White crew socks
College blazer

Girls Winter

College skirt (no shorter than 5cm above the knee)
Navy tights or navy long socks
Long sleeve white shirt or blouse to be tucked into skirt
Navy College jumper
College tie
College blazer
Navy Scarf (Optional)


Black leather lace-up school shoes
(Girls may also wear Leather T-bar shoes which must be done up correctly.)

Please note: Canvas shoes or boots of any type are not acceptable. Sports shoes may not be worn in lieu of school shoes.

Staughton College

Girls at Staughton College are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear white socks with their summer dress, and navy tights or white socks with their winter skirt. Pants or slacks are also an option.


At Staughton College we take pride in the appearance of our students and the college uniform when worn correctly is a smart neat look.

Common issues we are faced with can include:

For Girls

  • Incorrect shoes
  • Incorrect hosiery (Black leggings, black/blue stockings rather than navy blue opaque tights & coloured socks rather than white)
  • Visible undergarments
  • Non Staughton branded scarves
  • Staughton Fleece Jacket (Now replaced by a Staughton soft shell jacket)


Girls uniform

  • Pullover (Navy Soft Feel, with stripe in V-neck and school logo) COMPULSORY
  • Blazer (Navy Twill with logo) OPTIONAL
    Polar Fleece Jacket(Navy Polar Fleece Zip Jacket, with school Logo) OPTIONAL
  • Summer Dress (Blue/White check dress)
  • Summer/Winter Skirt(Blue/White/Gold Check Skirt in Poly Viscose Fabric)
  • S/S Shirt (Blue Short Sleeve collar attached straight bottom shirt with school logo)
  • L/S Shirt(Blue Long Sleeve collar attached straight bottom shirt with school logo)
  • Girls Slacks(Grey Poly/Viscose, Straight Leg Slacks with logo)
  • Unisex Trousers(Grey, full elastic waist trouser with school Logo)
  • Unisex Shorts(Grey full elastic waist draw string shorts, with logo)
  • Socks (White)
    Tights (Navy Microfibre/Opaque Tight)


  • Black leather polishable lace up shoes for boys and girls.
  • Black leather polishable T-bar shoes for girls.
  • Shoe laces are to be totally black.

Harrison-style school shoes at Target

Australian mid-price department store chain Target now stock Harrison-style lace-up and t-bar school shoes in their stores. They come in ladies sizes 5 through 10 and cost $39 a pair.

Billie lace-up school shoe

Bobbi t-bar school shoe

Monterey Secondary College

Girls at Monterey Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes with their uniform. They pair them with white or black socks all year round, tights also permitted with the winter uniform.



It is the policy of the College that all students from Year 7-12 wear the correct uniform whilst at school and when traveling to and from school. Shoes must be a plain black leather school shoes. Runner variations are not acceptable. Platform shoes, thongs or open-toed sandals are not suitable for school wear. White or black socks must be worn at all times. The college also has a sport uniform which allows for the wearing of runners.


Monterey Secondary College – The Basic Code of Practice and Minimum Expectations

Wear your uniform correctly at all times. That means shirts are tucked in, ties are done up properly, shoes are the lace up leather shoes, or buckled up T bars.

Geelong College

Girls at Geelong College are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear white ankle socks with their summer dress, and navy tights or knee-length socks with their winter skirt.


School Uniform

  • Gordon tartan kilt (mid-calf length)
  • College blazer
  • College summer dress
  • White College blouses with rounded collar
  • Bottle green v-neck College jumpers or navy
    Year 12 jumpers
  • White socks with College colour bands
  • Navy tights or knee-high socks
  • Black polished school shoes (lace-up or T-bar – to be repaired in holiday time)

Hair ribbons should be navy blue, bottle green, white or
Gordon tartan

New summer dress at PCW Melbourne

In 2012 PCW Melbourne introduced a new summer dress as part of their school uniform. 2014 saw the end of the three-year change over period after which all girls were required to wear the new dress.


10 February 2012

I am delighted with the new school dress which is being
worn for the first time by all the Year 7s and a number of other students across the school. The dress was designed after consultation with staff, students and families.

The change was initiated when it became apparent that a large number of schools were using the fabric in the original school dress. The new dress fabric is unique to our school and has been designed for us alone. I think it looks great.


8th December 2014

2014 has seen the end of the three‐year cycle to phase out the old summer dress. From Term 1 2015 all students should be wearing the new dress.