Catherine McAuley College, Bendigo

Girls at Catherine McAuley College in Bendigo are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. In summer they wear them with navy socks with a gold and white band, and in winter navy tights.

November 2017

Girls Summer Uniform

Navy/gold/white/charcoal strip dress with white collar and cuff (on the knee length)

Charcoal straight leg

Short Sleeve

Navy with gold and white band

Dark navy with logo

Girls Winter Uniform

Navy with gold/white/charcoal stripe and crossover collar

Navy with gold/white/charcoal stripe and crossover collar

Long Sleeve

Navy/gold/white/charcoal strip (on the knee length)

Charcoal straight leg

Navy with gold stripe

Navy (with skirt)

Navy (with pants)

Black leather shoes. No runner style black shoes.

January 2018

The College has received a number of calls regarding school shoes. Please be advised of the following:

Black lace up shoes for both boys and girls, girls are also permitted to wear black t-bar style footwear. No runner style black shoes.

January 2018

T-bars are OK! Our top back-to-school enquiries are about school shoes. Uniform requirements are black lace up shoes for both boys and girls; girls can also wear black t-bar style shoes. (No runner style shoes please.)

Victorian monopoly on Harrison shoes

Shoes and Sox is a chain of shoe shops with stores all around Australia. But for their back to school sale, only the one state will have Harrison shoes in stock.

They offer plenty of options Clarks lace-up school shoes. But the Harrison Indy II is available in Victoria only.

And the same story on the Mary Jane page. The Harrison Indiana II is another Victoria-only shoe.

Schoolgirls in high heels

Schoolgirls at a prestigious Victorian secondary college have been told to bring high heels to class for a lesson on walking and deportment.

September 1, 2017

Girton Grammar schoolgirls slam modern etiquette lesson with advice on walking in high heels
Monique Hore
Herald Sun

Schoolgirls at a prestigious Victorian college have been told to bring high heels to class for a lesson on walking and deportment.

Girton Grammar hired a consultant to deliver a modern etiquette lesson to VCE students as part of a weekly workshop to prepare them for life after school.

Girls were to be taught “deportment and presentation skills, including how to manage wearing high heels” in a ­female-only session.

But the students dug in their heels over the “demeaning and sexist” request, prompting the school to give it the boot.

Concerned students, who wished to remain anonymous, slammed the school for the outdated lesson.

“This is not 1950, this is 2017,” they said in a letter to the Herald Sun.

“On the one hand, we are being expected to excel at STEM subjects alongside the boys.

“On the other, we are being asked to bring in high heels so that we can learn to work in them.

“It is demeaning and sexist.”

Collective Shout’s Melinda Tankard Reist said the high-heel lesson sent the wrong message.

“It plays into gender stereotypes in the workforce that women are decorative objects tottering around on high heels,” she said.

“Not all women feel comfortable ­wearing high heels, nor should they have to.”

The elite Bendigo school charges up to $13,800 a year.

Headmaster Matthew Maruff said the modern etiquette workshop gave students expert information on “self-conduct in social and work environments”.

He said the advice on walking in high heels was to be dished out after the workshop, not as part of the lesson itself.

“At all times, we encourage our students to speak out respectfully on any issue that concerns them,” he said.

“In this instance, we were very glad that two students let us know that they felt uncomfortable being asked to bring high heels to school as part of the modern etiquette session. Several students did elect to seek advice related to wearing high heels after the session and the school was happy to support these students in that choice.”

The consultant, believed to be the mother of a student who graduated last year, did not return calls for comment.

Crusoe College Bendigo

Girls at Crusoe College Bendigo are not permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear short white socks with their summer dress, and short white or black socks or black tight with their winter skirt.


Striped polyester/viscose dress in College colours
Charcoal grey shorts with College logo
White socks (not knee high)

Skirt in College colours
White or black socks (not knee high) or black tights
Charcoal grey pants (not jeans) with College logo

The standard of the dress/skirt/short length is for the hem of the dress/shorts to be worn not more than 17cm from the floor when kneeling on the floor.


All students are expected to wear hard black leather school shoes, which cover the entire foot either lace up, pull on style boot or with velcro fasteners to all classes.

In accordance with OH&S guidelines students undertaking science and technology subjects such as welding, wood work, automotive, engineering, metal work, home economics and textiles including the Advance program are expected to wear hard black leather school shoes or hard black leather boots.

Students are expected to have the appropriate footwear for technology classes on these days. Ballet and T-Bar style sandals are banned under OH&S.

Catholic College Bendigo ban t-bars

Girls at Catholic College Bendigo were banned from wearing t-bar school shoes commencing in 2018, with existing students given a one year grace period. They wear black shoes and navy socks with both their summer and winter uniforms.

9 February 2017

Families are also reminded about the announcement at the end of last year regarding the move for all students, irrelevant of year level, to be in black polishable leather lace up shoes for 2018.

The T-bar shoes have been prone to breaking and are often not worn with the buckles done up.

Lace up shoes also provide a consistent look for all students.

Bendigo South East College

Bendigo South East College banned t-bar school shoes at the start of 2014. They wear white ankle socks with their summer dress, and black tights with their winter skirt.

Bendigo South East College summer and winter unifrom with t-bars

May 3, 2013

Uniform Reminder

From 2014, girls T-Bar shoes will no longer be on the uniform list with all students expected to be in designated school shoes. Girls in Year 8 and 9 2013 who need a new pair of shoes should be purchasing school shoes given T-Bars will not be allowed in 2014.

Shoes – plain black, leather lace up (can also be purchased at Athletes Foot)

Students choose from the following plain black, leather laceup school shoes.

Daytona SNR
Clarks 24 Se7en (will take orthotics)