New and old uniforms at Siena College

In August 2015 Melbourne’s Siena College turned 75 years old. To mark the occasion, girls from the school modeled a selection of uniforms from over the years, obtained from the school archives.


Catherine McAuley College, Bendigo

Girls at Catherine McAuley College in Bendigo are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. In summer they wear them with navy socks with a gold and white band, and a winter with navy tights.

November 2017

Girls Summer Uniform

Navy/gold/white/charcoal strip dress with white collar and cuff (on the knee length)

Charcoal straight leg

Short Sleeve

Navy with gold and white band

Dark navy with logo

Girls Winter Uniform

Navy with gold/white/charcoal stripe and crossover collar

Navy with gold/white/charcoal stripe and crossover collar

Long Sleeve

Navy/gold/white/charcoal strip (on the knee length)

Charcoal straight leg

Navy with gold stripe

Navy (with skirt)

Navy (with pants)

Black leather shoes. No runner style black shoes.

January 2018

The College has received a number of calls regarding school shoes. Please be advised of the following:

Black lace up shoes for both boys and girls, girls are also permitted to wear black t-bar style footwear. No runner style black shoes.

January 2018

T-bars are OK! Our top back-to-school enquiries are about school shoes. Uniform requirements are black lace up shoes for both boys and girls; girls can also wear black t-bar style shoes. (No runner style shoes please.)

Schoolgirls planking in uniform

Planking was a craze that swept schools back in 2011. For these girls from Walford Anglican School in Adelaide, their school uniforms were not enough to keep them from joining in.

May 23, 2011

Katherine Danks
Daily Telegraph

Planking on a flight of stairs appears to have resulted in 22 students of a prestigious Adelaide private school being sent home.

The students from Walford Anglican School for Girls were sent home on Thursday after a “situation” regarding planking as safety concern grows over the craze.

The Adelaide Advertiser reports the photo that is believed to have landed the students in hot water was posted on social networking site Facebook.

On Friday, principal Helen Trebilcock refused to detail what the students did but said they were “sent home for a day to enable us to talk to their parents”.

“We had a situation, we have dealt with it, it’s over,” she said.

“We have shared our concerns with the school community about how a seemingly innocent prank can escalate through the web and become dangerous.

“Our parents and teachers are in agreement that the girls need to be educated about the risks involved.”

Pants at Avila College

In 2017 Avila College announced that they would soon be adding shorts to their summer uniform and trousers to the winter uniform.

October 18 2017

School Uniform

Parents and students would be aware that increasingly schools are reconsidering features of their school uniform to ensure a variety of options are available to students.

One feature is the inclusion of dress shorts and a shirt for the summer uniform and trousers with the winter uniform.

We are currently trialling some of these options and will provide more information in the coming months as we continue to work with students around these changes.

When decisions are finalised a full uniform list will be published via the school newsletter.

Ms Janine Bauman
Deputy Principal Students

The only male student at a Catholic girls’ school

The only male student at a Catholic girls’ school.

27 May 2016

Jeremy was the only male student at his Catholic girls’ school.

He had short spiky hair, hated wearing the school’s checked skirt and in Year 12, the Avila College student came out as a transgender male.

“It was inherently a very gendered environment. It made it more difficult.”

It’s a situation many single-sex schools – whose entire existence has relied on rigid concepts of gender – are grappling with.

For the first time, the region’s peak body for girls schools, the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia, is urging its members to support transgender students.

This includes males who transition to females and want to enrol in girls’ schools, and females who transition to males and want to remain in girls’ schools.

Earlier this week, the organisation, which predominantly represents private girls’ schools, held a conference which focused on gender and transgender issues.

“It’s an emerging issue, everyone is still learning what to do and that includes the doctors, the psychologists, the support services,” the Alliance’s president and Mentone Girls’ Grammar principal Fran Reddan said.

“It’s critical that we provide a safe environment where all students can express their gender identity.”

Micah Scott, the chief executive of LGBTI youth group Minus 18, said single-sex schools faced a unique challenge.
“Their existence is based on the concept that the sex you are assigned at birth will match your gender identity,” he said.

He said teachers needed to avoid gendered language like “good morning girls” and should provide more flexible uniform options.

Jeremy agreed, and said he felt very uncomfortable wearing his school uniform.

“A teacher told me that I could wear the trousers but said everyone would look at me funnily,” he said. He claimed another teacher picked on him.

Human Rights Law Centre director of advocacy Anna Brown said there did not seem to be a clear protection for transgender students in single-sex schools under federal discrimination law. But she said it was a grey area and yet to be tested in court.

She said schools should let transgender students wear uniforms and use toilets that reflected their gender identity. They should also ensure that sports divided along gender lines are inclusive, and that students are referred to using the name and pronoun of their choice.

Gender neutral uniforms at Northcote High School

Northcote High School has a gender neutral uniform policy. Boys and girls permitted to wear their choice of shorts, pants or dress in summer; and shorts, pants or skirt in winter; along with laceup, t-bar or mary jane school shoes.

October 2016


o Grey slacks or shorts
o Mauve, crested long or short sleeved shirt
o Crested navy jumper
o Blazer
o Black leather shoes
o Black Business socks
o School tie (optional)

o Striped dress

o Check grey skirt with crested white shirt
o Black tights or socks

Summer uniform options.

Winter uniform options.

School shoe options.