Brown shoes at Walford School for Girls

Until 2012 girls at Walford Anglican School for Girls in Adelaide wore brown lace-up school shoes, paired with camel coloured knee socks in summer, and grey knee socks or tights in winter. They now wear black shoes instead.

The girls donated their now unneeded brown school shoes to students in Africa.

April 8, 2013

Walford School sends dozens of old brown school shoes to Africa through The Butterfly Movement charity


Black is the new black at Walford School.

The Hyde Park college last year broke with 120 years of tradition to change its school uniform shoe colour from brown to black.

Students donated about 300 pairs of brown shoes to The Butterfly Movement charity last month.

Year 9 student Kate, 14, of Millswood, was pleased to hand over her old footwear to be sent to disadvantaged African families.

“It’s a good feeling because you’re giving people in Africa an opportunity to wear shoes that they wouldn’t have had before,” Kate said.

“I couldn’t imagine not having any shoes to wear.

“I hope they are happy and they’re useful for them.”

Year 9 student Alexia said it was important for the school to get behind the cause.

“Some of those people have never even worn shoes before,” the Unley resident said.

“The shoes wouldn’t have come to much use otherwise.”

The Butterfly Movement was founded in 2011 by Dalice Kennedy.

It has since donated about 70,000 pairs of shoes to people in need.

The Walford uniform shop advertised their surplus stock to the girls of nearby Kildare College Holden Hill, who were still required to wear brown lace up school shoes.

27 July 2012

Brown School Shoe Sale

Walford school are changing from brown shoes to black shoes. Their uniform shop has new brown shoes in stock that they wish to sell for $50 per pair. This price is nearly half the ‘wholesale’ cost of buying a pair of new shoes. The brand of the shoes is ‘Footwear Plus’, made locally in South Australia.

Sizes available of Lace Up Brown Shoes: 2 x Size 12 Child, 1 x Size 13 Child, 2 x Size 2 Adult, 1 x Size 4 Adult, 1 x Size 5 Adult, 2 x Size 6 Adult, 1 x Size 10 Adult , 1 x Size 12 Adult.


Walford School for Girls

Girls at Walford Anglican School for Girls wear black lace up shoes with their school uniform. They wear camel coloured knee socks with their summer dress, and grey tights or knee socks with their winter skirt.


– Blazer Walford navy “poly wool” crested
– Pullover Walford grey, with school colours – not to be worn outside of school without blazer
– Hair Formal occasions – Navy blue ribbons, navy elasticised ponytail holders, plain brown or navy snap clips
– Hair Non formal occasions – winter or summer material scrunchie or headband
– School Bag Walford monogrammed
– Shoes Black leather lace ups. See School Shop for approved styles

Summer Terms 1 and 4
– Dress Blue with navy piping on collars and cuffs – Length at least below kneecap-maximum 14cm below knee
– Straw Hat Walford crest – Excursions, to and from school, yard hat – (House colour hat optional in yard)
– Socks Camel – long socks compulsory for formal occasions. (Camel anklets optional)
– Sandals Ink navy Leather – Option to shoes if temperature is over 25°C.

Winter Terms 2 and 3
– Skirt Blue and grey plaid – Length at least below kneecap-maximum 14cm below knee
– Gold Blouse Years 6–11 long sleeve with “W” embroidered
– White Blouse Years 11–12 long sleeve with “W” embroidered (Year 11 not until Term 3)
– Tie Walford navy with embroidered “W” print
– Socks Walford grey – long only (compulsory)
– Tights Walford Grey – thick denier – (optional)
– Gloves Navy knit only
– Scarf Walford Navy with “W” embroidery only to be used

St Albans Secondary College

Girls at St Albans Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear plain white ankle socks with their summer dress, and white socks or black tights with their winter skirt.

College Uniform – Girls

– White Polo or Shirt with School Logo
– Woollen Maroon V-neck School Jumper
– Woollen Grey V-neck VCE Jumper
– Maroon Black and White Jacket with School Logo
– Dress Maroon and White Check Dress
– Winter Skirt Maroon, Black and White Tartan Skirt
– White Socks (with dress or skirt)
– Black Tights (only with Skirt)
– Black Pants with School Logo – Girls Style (Note: no other Black Pants can be worn)
– Black Shorts with School Logo
– Black Lace Up School Shoes or T-Bar Buckle Up Shoes

Sent home on first day of new uniform

Victoria University Secondary College was founded in 2010 by the amalgamation of two local secondary schools. A new uniform was created with a three year changeover period. In 2013 a number of students were sent home for wearing the uniforms from their former schools.

February 1, 2013

A senior student has hit back at readers who say a school was right to send students home for wearing the wrong uniform on the first day of school.

Up to 60 year 11 and 12 Victoria University Secondary College students were sent home on Wednesday for failing to wear the new school uniform.

Clair Anderson wrote to Leader Newspapers to defend herself after readers blamed the students for the row.

“As a year 12 student that attends the school, you would think they would let it slide,” she wrote.

“It is my last year and I do take my education very seriously. For them to send me home after being at school for an hour is affecting my education.”

She said her family would struggle to pay for a new uniform for just one year’s use.

“My mother is a single parent who has just had breast cancer and cannot work due to this,” she wrote.

“How is she is supposed to financially cover this?”

Principal Genevieve Simson said parents and students were given ample warning that old school uniforms would be phased out, and the new one required from the start of this year.

Many readers defended the school’s decision.

Tanya Fernando of Balwyn said students had ample warning and could not get away with ignoring the rules.

“My daughter’s school is the same. If she gets a detention for not wearing her blazer, her fault!”

School ‘breached duty of care’

But some readers say the school breached its duty of care to the students and that uniform violations were not a good reason to throw teenagers out.

Mary of Clayton said the school should have to pay for new uniforms for senior students, who would only have one or two years out of it.

“As long as the students are wearing ‘a uniform’ (even from their old schools) it should not matter,” she wrote on

“I thought school was to learn not to worry about school uniforms.”

Sara of Hawthorn said an out-of-date uniform should be acceptable for the duration of a student’s education.

“To expect parents to fork out money for another new uniform is greedy, ridiculous and old fashioned,” she wrote.

“Schools are supposed to teach, not be the fashion police.”

‘Don’t bother coming back’

Delahey mother Joanne Grey’s two daughters, Amy in year 11 and Erin in year 12, were both sent home.

Amy was not wearing a blazer, while Erin was wearing the old school jumper and canvas shoes, not leather shoes.

“Amy was told to get the right uniform or don’t bother coming back,” she said.

“It’s a bit heavy handed, year 12 should be about getting an education.”

After three schools merged in 2010 to form the college, the new school council set up a uniform committee to choose a new uniform.

“There has been a two-year change-over period, now everybody has to be in full school uniform,” Mrs Simson said.

“Parents were sent home letters, and it was in the school newsletter.”

She would not confirm how many students were sent home, but parents put the number at between 50 and 60.

Education jeopardised

Another mother, Koula Theoharou from Kealba, said she arrived home to find her 16-year-old daughter on the couch.

“The school didn’t even ring or call, I should have at least got a phone call,” she said.

“She wore the exact same uniform on her last day last year without any complaints.

“The school said they sent out letters but I haven’t seen one.

“I think it’s ridiculous, they are jeopardising her education.”

But Mrs Simson stood by the new policy.

“It’s a school rule, and they’ve had two years warning,” she said.

February 12, 2013

Victoria University Secondary College students conform to new uniform policy

CLASSES are returning to normal at a St Albans secondary school after students were sent home for being in the wrong uniform on the first day of school.
On Thursday, just four students arrived at Victoria University Secondary College in the wrong uniform.

A week earlier, about 60 Year 11 and 12 students were sent home for breaching the school uniform policy, sparking outrage among parents and students.

After three schools merged in 2010 to form the college, the new school council set up a committee to choose a new uniform.

Principal Genevieve Simson said parents and students were given ample warning old school uniforms would be phased out, and the new one would be required from the start of this year.

Last week, the school stopped sending students home, but instead barred them from classes and sent them to the gym to complete class work.

Education department spokeswoman Anna Malbon said no students had been isolated from their peers.

“The principal has informed the department that the school is committed to assisting students and their families to acquire the school’s uniform,” she said.

“While this process is under way, the four students are receiving their normal lessons together in a class and are with other students at lunch and recess as normal.”

The saga has left some parents questioning how it even happened.

One mother, who wished to stay anonymous, said she had spent close to $300 buying the new uniform for her son in Year 10.

“The majority of the parents feel there is no need to purchase the blazer because other items have been purchased with the school emblem on it,” she said.

“We are in a low socio-economic area and we, and more so our children, are being bullied by the school to purchase this ridiculous item when we have jumpers and other jackets.

“Everyone is at a loss as to how this could happen,” she said.

Victoria University Secondary College

Girls at Victoria University Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear plain white socks with their summer dress or shorts, and black socks or tights with their winter skirt or pants.

24th June 2015

Girls’ Summer Uniform
– Summer dress or shorts (black) with short sleeve shirt (white)
– Blazer
– Black leather lace‐up shoes or T‐bars (no boots)
– White socks

Optional items in summer:
– Trousers (black)
– Tie
– Jumper
– College cap
– Hijabb (black or white)
– Hair ties in school colours (scrunchie available from PSW)

Girls’ Winter Uniform
– Winter skirt or trousers (black)
– Long sleeve shirt (white)  
– Blazer
– Black leather lace‐up shoes or T‐bars (no boots)
– Black socks or stockings (no leggings)

Optional items in winter:
– Black scarf with logo  
– Tie
– Jumper
– Hijabb (black or white)
– Hair ties in school colours

Schoolgirls cycling to school in skirts

Concerns about modesty means that skirts get in the way of many things that a schoolgirl might like to do. One of those activities is riding a bike.

February 15, 2017

More than 300 people have thrown their weight behind a call for Ferny Grove State High School to ease its strict dress code.

Petition organiser Kate Gadenne, the mother of two students at the school, said the code made it impractical for students, particularly girls, to ride to school.

The dress code bans students from wearing their sports uniform to and from school, and insists they don the formal uniform, which for girls includes a skirt.

Ms Gadenne, from Upper Kedron, said some students wore clothes suited to cycling and changed into their uniform at school.

She said her daughters had given up cycling because the load was too much and cycling in a skirt was too hard.

School principal Mark Breckenridge said the dress code was developed in consultation with the school community and agreed on by parents and students.

“Students who do not meet the standards outlined in the dress code are dealt with under the school’s responsible behaviour plan,” he said. “Parents are welcome to raise any concerns they have about uniform policies with me or the school’s P&C.”

The dress code

The Ferny Grove State High School formal uniform includes:

■ Brown lace-up hard leather standard school shoes and short mid-brown socks

■ Bottle green skirt worn below the knee and pepper­mint green blouse for girls

■ Tailored bottle green shorts or trousers with belt loops in school uniform fabric and peppermint green polyester cotton shirt for boys

Students sent home from school for wearing wrong socks

Schoolgirls at St Albans Secondary College in Melbourne, Victoria have been sent home for wearing white socks that didn’t cover their ankles. The shame!

6 February 2018

At least 17 students have been sent home from a high school in Melbourne’s western suburbs for wearing the wrong socks.

It is believed a further 15 students at St Albans Secondary College received an all day internal detention for breaches of the school’s uniform code during a crackdown on Tuesday.

There are claims up to 40 students were sent home for breaching the uniform code. However the school said only 17 were sent home, and only after their parents gave permission for them to leave to change into the correct uniform.

It is understood some students went to school wearing white coloured socks, as stipulated in the school’s uniform code, but were reprimanded because their socks were too short and did not cover their ankles.

The school’s policy is that all students must wear white socks which are long enough to cover their ankles. The Age understands the decision sparked outrage among some parents who believed it was an overreaction.

Principal Kerrie Dowsley defended the decision to send some students home, saying the school had a strict uniform policy which had been in place for more than 20 years.

“We are proud of our uniform policy, which plays an important role in developing a positive and proud school culture for students,” Ms Dowsley said.

“An overwhelming majority of parents we have spoken to support the school’s policy and the actions we took.”
Ms Dowsley said students were reminded again last week about school uniform checks.

“The school regularly has uniform checks and we contacted the parents of students who were for a range of reasons in the wrong uniform today,” she said.