School shoes by DCS Uniforms

DCS Uniforms is a Melbourne based supplier of school uniforms. They also sell a range of re-branded Wilde school shoes under their own name.

DCS UNIFORMS is a locally owned and operated uniform supplier that has grown significantly through the ability to manufacture and supply quality school uniforms at very competitive prices.

While some items are manufactured overseas we endeavour to manufacture as many garments as possible in Australia supporting local jobs and families. Our growth has been steady.

DCS Jenny – Girls T-Bar School Shoe Black Smooth Full Leather

DCS Jenny – Girls T-Bar School Shoe Black Hi Shine Full Leather

DCS Jezra – Girls Laceup School Shoe Black Smooth Leather

DCS Jade – Girls Leather Mary Jane School Shoe

Gro-Shu Trinity t-bar school shoes

The Harrison Idaho t-bar is a classic design copied many times. The ‘Trinity’ by Gro-Shu is another school shoe to follow in the same footsteps.

Harrison t-bar school shoe sizes

When buying any shoe, getting the right fit is crucial. Harrison’s range school shoes make this hard – they are sold in UK sizes.

Head into your local shoe shop to get the right fit.

Or consult this conversion chart. For example: if you normally wear an Australian size 8 women’s shoe, buy your Harrison t-bars in size 6.

T-bar school shoe meets leather boots

Take a Harrison Iowa laceup school shoe, extend it into boot, and you get the Harrison Illinois – t-bar school shoe meets leather boots.

Go back to school in style with the ever so popular womens/older girls Harrison lace up school boots. These boots are durable, functional and super cute!

Alternatively this Harrison boot is the perfect partner for casual weekends. Team with skinny leg jeans and a shirt for a casual weekend look.

Roc Toledo t-bar school shoe

Many companies have been inspired by the design of the original ‘Harrison’ shoe. One of them is the ‘Toledo’ by Roc Shoes of Australia.

New logo for Harrison shoes

Harrison shoes recently updated their logo.

The new stylised ‘A’ logo replaces the former ‘star’ design. Which itself replaced the previous ‘worm’ logotype.

Brand new Harrison t-bar school shoes

Here is a brand new pair of Harrison Idaho t-bar school shoes. Fresh out of the box, the cardboard is still inside the shoe.

Harrison-style shoes by Bluehaven Shoes

Bluehaven Shoes is an Australian company that sells two Harrison-styled school shoes.

The ‘Lorraine’ t-bar, with a butterfly style cutout on the vamp.

And the plain looking ‘Flanders’ laceup.

If you’re after a school shoe that looks great but is also comfortable and supportive, you’ve come to the right place! Bluehaven school shoes are all made from high quality materials, making them durable and long wearing.

Recommended by health professionals, the removable insoles in the Bluehaven range also make them orthotic friendly.