Short skirts at Clonard College

At Clonard College in Geelong an ongoing theme is the length of summer dresses and winter kilts – the girls love to make them as short as possible.

Summer dress length at Clonard College

August 2012

The girls have moved into their winter uniforms. Some uniforms still require attention. The winter kilt should be no shorter than 10cms from the floor when kneeling. All girls wearing kilts will have them measured over the coming week. If their kilt is too short and there is adequate hem, Mrs Buckley will take down the kilt.

A letter will be given to students who need to attend to the length or state of their skirt/kilt. This will have a ‘tear–off’ slip for parents to sign and return acknowledging receipt and action. If the kilt cannot be taken down or the skirt is considered too damaged there will need to be a new skirt purchased.

April 2014

As students are now in a period of changing from summer to winter uniform it is important that we clarify and have very clear instructions for the girls about skirt/kilt length. Some students have already come to school in kilts that are of an inappropriate length for school.

The skirt and / or kilt is to be worn at knee length or below. If students are wearing the skirt/kilt either too long or too short they will need to either take up their hem or replace the uniform item. If this is the case, a demerit will be issued, parent contact will be made and a note will be made in the student’s diary by the level coordinator so teachers are aware that the issue has been dealt with. Students will have up to a week for uniform to be adjusted.

We do not apologise for the uniform expectations we have of students as we are proud of our uniform and the fact that it usually helps to build a positive reputation of our school that all of our students can benefit from. Thank you for your support on this matter.

September 2015

As we begin Term 4 you may notice that over the Winter period your daughter has grown and her dress length is no longer appropriate.

It may be time to alter the hem-length or purchase another dress from Bellarine Uniforms or the Clonard College Second-hand Uniform Shop.

Summer dresses should be worn ‘to the knee’, not mid-thigh as some students have worn their dresses on the last few warm days that we have had.

Students will be issued with a demerit if their dress length is determined to be of an inappropriate length.

Below is an example of summer dresses that are too short. Please see the image at the top of this article to see how the summer dress should be worn.