Koo Wee Rup Secondary College

Koo Wee Rup Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. They wear plain white or black socks with their uniform.



Grey Melange College pants (boys) or straight leg grey gabardine pants (girls)
Straight leg navy blue gabardine pants (boys or girls). The ‘Face off’ brand of pants is also acceptable.


Navy blue tailored gabardine shorts or grey tailored school shorts. Shorts must be above the knee in length. Cargo style is not acceptable. ‘Short’ shorts are
not acceptable.


Pleated College tartan, at least knee length


Current College material and pattern


Plain white business/school shirt or the College white polo with embroidered College logo or the College navy blue polo with embroidered College logo. Where students choose to wear a shirt out (not tucked in), it must have a straight edge at the bottom of the shirt.


Navy blue with embroidered College logo can be worn by all students from Years 7 to 12.


Totally black T-bar shoes or totally black leather lace up shoes that must take polish and must have a heel. (Boots, desert boots, black runners and platform shoes are not acceptable. ‘Ballet’ style shoes and ‘Runner style’ shoes are not acceptable.)


Totally black or white socks. No logos or words are allowed. Anklets are not allowed. The height of the socks must be well above the shoes. Socks must be worn with shoes

Short skirts at Tintern Grammar

Girls at Tintern Grammar have been warned to watch the length of their summer dresses.



Dresses: girls’ summer dresses will touch the kneecap in a normal stance when a student looks down at their feet. Students will be given a reasonable opportunity to address this if their dress is of an inappropriate length. This will be followed up by Year Level Coordinators.

Winter skirt/pinafore: girls up to Year 5 will wear the winter pinafore. Girls in Year 6 may choose to wear the winter skirt if preferred. Girls in Year 7-12 will wear the winter skirt. The skirt or pinafore will touch the kneecap in a normal stance when a student looks down at their feet. Students will be given a reasonable opportunity to address this if their dress is of an inappropriate length. This will be followed up by Year Level Coordinators.

Under shorts: girls may wear plain black ‘bike shorts’ under their summer dress.


Girls at Haileybury are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. They wear mid-calf plain white socks with their summer dress, and black tights or knee-high socks with their winter uniform.


When Haileybury adopted parallel education, unique and distinctive outfits for girls had to be created.

The School approached the leading designer Geoff Riddell with a brief to complement the style of the boys uniforms, and the results were remarkable.

How well he succeeded, largely working with the colours of magenta, black, white and grey.

The summer dress features the ‘Haileybury stripe’ which is exclusive to us.

The winter fabric, also exclusive to Haileybury, has a very clever design with a stripe that alternates with the winged heart. When the student moves, the pleat opens to show the winged heart.

These outfits have met with widespread approval.

Geelong students embrace pants for school girls

Girls in Geelong are among those ditching the school dress for pants. From the Geelong Advertiser.

14 September 2017

Uniform shouldn’t be Uniform – Geelong Students Embrace Pants for School Girls
Olivia Shying

Geelong girls who have embraced the opportunity to wear pants at school believe all students should be able to wear a uniform they feel comfortable in.

While Education Minister James Merlino is assessing how to enforce a rule in all government schools that would give girls the chance to wear pants, many girls in Geelong are already embracing the freedom to choose.

Most public secondary schools in Geelong have dress and pant options for female students, however girls at the majority of the city’s independent and Catholic schools must wear skirts or dresses.

Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College changed its uniform policy in 2014 to include navy blue pants after receiving a number of requests from students and parents.

Olivia L, 13, wore a skirt for the first term of Year 7 at the all-girls school, before deciding she was more comfortable in pants.

“I went to a co-educational primary school and never wore dresses or skirts. I always wore pants or shorts — it’s who I was and how I feel comfortable,” Olivia said.

“I enjoy having the option to wear pants because it helps me to be myself.” While neither Sacred Heart College, Clonard College nor Geelong Grammar School publicly list shorts or pants as options for female students on their uniform lists, Geelong College changed its policy eight years ago.

Principal Dr Peter Miller said Geelong College introduced pants and shorts for girls of all ages into its uniform policy in 2009. The pants are tailored for females and come in all sizes.

“We believe it is important to cater for individual needs of our students, in their uniforms, academic programs and co-curricular opportunities as best we can,” Dr Miller said.

“Self-esteem issues present many challenges for school aged children, and simple changes to a uniform policy can help make some students feel happier and more comfortable at school.” The Catholic Education Melbourne office confirmed it would not force schools to change their uniform requirements, with a spokesman confirming all Catholic schools determined their own uniform policies.

Mr Merlino said he was assessing options to ensure all girls at government schools had freedom of choice.

“While the vast majority of schools already offer the option of female students wearing shorts of pants, it is something I would expect all government schools to do,” Mr Merlino said.

The Government cannot direct non-government schools to alter their dress codes. But Mr Merlino said while those schools made their own decisions, it was always beneficial if schools opted for dress codes that encouraged female students to engage in physical activity.

Lyndhurst Secondary College

Girls at Lyndhurst Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. They wear mid-calf, plain white or navy socks with their summer dress, and navy tights with their winter uniform.



College Uniform

– Dress (summer) – Blue checked gingham, white collar and cuffs with navy piping dress
– Skirt (winter) – Blue check College skirt
– Navy polo shirt with College logo – short/long sleeve
– Navy V-neck woollen jumper with College logo
– Navy tights
– White or navy socks (plain)
– Black leather, polishable school shoes
– Hair ribbons in College colours of navy or white
– Head scarves (Hijabs) plain navy or white

Please note shoe requirements:

Students at Lyndhurst Secondary College are required to wear black leather, polishable school shoes. Boots, ankle boots, slip on, zipped, canvas, suede, ballet style are not acceptable.

Belmont High School

Girls at Belmont High School were banned from wearing t-bar school shoes from 2013. They wear black shoes and white socks with both their summer and winter uniforms, with navy tights an option in winter.

March 2019



– Green and white regulation dress
– Green Belmont High School jumper, round neck with school logo
– Grey or white socks. Socks must not have any logo on them.


– “Black Watch” tartan kilt – length – 20cm above ground (no shorter)
– White or grey socks (ankle length or above) OR navy or black tights

Black leather T-bar or traditional school leather lace-up shoes (No boots, ballet style shoes, or canvas shoes)

November 2019


A reminder to students and parents that the following uniform items are currently permitted in 2019, however these items will NOT be permitted from the beginning of 2020:

– T-bar shoes

This information was distributed to students and parents at the end of last year. The Belmont High School Uniform Policy is located on our school website for your information.

Kew High School

Girls at Kew High School are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. They wear mid-calf, plain white socks with their summer dress, and black tights with their winter uniform.


Summer Option 1

– Grey college shorts or grey school trousers

Summer Option 2

– Red check summer dress worn mid-thigh length or below

Winter Option 1

– Grey school trousers

Winter Option 2

– Grey skirt worn mid-thigh length
– White long sleeve school shirt
– Plain black tights OR black sock (no logo) NOT BOTH

All seasons

– White or black socks
– Black leather polishable lace up or T-bar school shoes (no platforms or heels)
– Maroon V-neck woollen school jumper (Yr.7-10) optional
– Black woollen V-neck school jumper (VCE only) optional
– School blazer

New uniform at Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College

In 2019 a new trans-seasonal uniform was introduced at Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College. A new blue pinstripe pattern was introduced on the summer dress and winter skirt, along with the option of pants or shorts, and a new sky blue jumper.

All students can elect to wear the new uniform from 2019, and all Year 7 2019 students are required to wear the new uniform only. Combinations of the new and old uniform are not allowed, and the old uniform may not be worn after December 2021.



For the past two years the College has worked with a steering committee to design a new student uniform. The committee comprised of parents, students and staff. We are excited to launch our new uniform with our new Year 7 students in 2019.

It was crucial that the new uniform would be comfortable to wear and would address some of the concerns that students have with the current uniform and the possibility of students having more flexibility and choice to cater for different body shapes, body temperatures and different activities was another strong consideration. Additionally, we wanted a uniform that gave students real choice. Our uniform is comfortable and allows movement and more opportunity to be active at recess and lunchtime with the inclusion of shorts or trousers.

The uniform has been designed to be trans-seasonal, that is, we will no longer have a set winter or summer uniform. Rather, we have provided students a choice of either wearing trousers, shorts, dress, shirt or skirt. All students wearing the new uniform are expected to wear black leather lace-up shoes. No skate style shoes or black runners are permitted. Students enrolling in the College at any year level in 2019 are not permitted to wear any items from the previous academic uniform.

Students wearing the academic shorts, dress or skirt must wear the College white socks with the blue band that can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. Students can either wear a long or short sleeve school shirt.

Students who would like to wear the College dress or skirt can either wear the College white socks with the blue bland or navy tights. The skirt or dress must be hemmed to the knee.

Pants for girls at Tintern Grammar

Girls at Tintern Grammar are now offered the option of wearing pants as part of their winter school uniform.

13 June 2018


Kaitlyn and Emma are staying warm today and debuting our new school pants! These are now available for purchase in the uniform shop.



• All students must wear black polishable lace-up shoes. Girls may alternatively wear black polishable ‘t-bar’ shoes.

Gender neutral summer option:

• Blouse: The girls’ square-tailed blouse with mitre. These summer shirts are worn untucked. The hem should sit at mid-fly, not sitting above the top of the shorts nor lower than the crotch line.
• Shorts: Girls may wear the dark blue, uniform shorts as the lower body garment with the summer uniform shirt as an alternative to the summer dress.

Girls – Winter

• If the girls’ school trousers are preferred to the skirt or pinafore, girls must wear black lace up shoes. T-bar shoes are not permitted with the trousers.