Brighton Secondary School, Adelaide

Girls at Brighton Secondary School in Adelaide have been permitted to wear t-bar school shoes since 2014. They wear black shoes and plain socks with both their summer dress or shorts, black socks with their trousers, and black tights or white socks with their winter skirt. In winter lace up shoes are preferred by the girls, with Roman sandals a popular option in summer.

May 2018

Girls uniform

• BSS tailored charcoal grey pants

• BSS tailored charcoal grey shorts, knee length

• BSS blue/green check dress, knee length

• BSS tartan skirt, knee or mid-calf length worn only with BSS white and green pinstripe shirt
• Black/navy 50+ denier tights are the preferred option with the skirt but plain white or BSS mid-calf socks may be worn

• Black, flat-soled, sturdy, leather, lace-up school shoes or plain black leather sports shoes
• Black leather T-bar (Bata brand) school shoes
• Brown leather school (not fashion) sandals with acceptable support and sturdy strap buckled around the ankle
• Boots are NOT to be worn

• sandals are NOT to be worn for certain subjects – see further information at end of policy
• shorts are to be worn with white socks and black school shoes, not sandals
• the soles should not twist.

June 2014

The uniform committee has approved girls to wear the T-Bar shoes except in those subject areas affected (Technical Studies, Home Economics, Music and Science) where closed in leather shoes are required. We recommend the “Bata Brand”.

The black canvas sandshoes are NOT school uniform and are NOT approved. Students wearing these shoes and other inappropriate shoes will receive consequences for not following the policy.

Lavalla Catholic College

Girls at Lavalla Catholic College in Traralgon are permitted to wear black t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear white coloured knee or ankle socks with their summer dress, and navy tights with their winter skirt.

February 2013


My thanks to those parents and students who organised uniforms, shoes etc. over the holidays so that students could begin the year appropriately. The uniform has a number of functions:
• It shows a sense of belonging to the College
• It removes the pressure to buy a large wardrobe
• Worn properly, it demonstrates respect, both of self and for others.

To avoid the inconvenience of having to collect your son or daughter from school or to bring in a uniform item, please work with them to ensure that they wear the uniform correctly.

Please be aware that unbuckled shoes are an OHS issue, broken buckles will need to be repaired or replaced.

Newcastle High School

Newcastle High School might be located in the middle of New South Wales, but t-bar school shoes are still on their list of acceptable footwear for senior students.


The school expects that students wear closed in leather, lace-up style shoes. They must cover the top of the foot and have a small heel. Full leather thick strap T-Bar Mary-Jane shoes are acceptable.

Students MUST NOT wear skate shoes, black soft ‘ballet’ style shoes, open styled ‘Mary Jane’ shoes, canvas shoes or any similar.

Rosehill Secondary College

Girls at Rosehill Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear plain white socks with their summer dress, and white socks or black or navy opaque tights with their winter skirt.

October 2010

As the weather becomes warmer, a number of girls have begun wearing the summer uniform with blue or black tights. No tights are to be worn with the summer dress (black tights are not permitted at all); white socks are to be worn. Girls who feel it is not quite warm enough to wear the dress with socks only, may wear natural coloured panty-hose under their socks.

Girl’s dresses and kilts must be an appropriate length; some students are currently wearing dresses which are too short. Students have been warned of this repeatedly and those infringing the uniform policy will be given detention.

The uniform policy as specified in the 2011 College Diary states that shoes should be ‘black, laced leather shoes or all-black laced runners’. Boys are not permitted to wear the canvas ‘karate’ shoes they have taken to wearing. Girls must have similar shoes, but the shoes may have buckles (e.g. the T-Bar or ‘Mary-Jane’ style of shoes).

Gleneagles Secondary College

Girls at Gleneagles Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear white socks with their summer dress, and black socks or tights with their winter skirt.

January 2013

Black, leather, lace up traditional school shoes, plain black leather slip on dress shoes with rounded or square toes for boys, or Harrison or Roc T-Bar sandals for girls (for safety reasons, heels must not exceed 3 cm). Buckles on sandals must be done up. N.B. Black canvas shoes (Dunlop Volley type or the like) or
ballet type shoes are not permitted.

January 2013

Uniform at Gleneagles Secondary College is compulsory and all students are required to wear the College Council approved school uniform. All students are required to wear the new College uniform. The old uniform was fully phased out at the end of 2012.

Luther College Croydon

Girls at Luther College Croydon are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear white socks with their summer dress, and grey socks or tights with their winter skirt.

Plain black leather shoes of either the lace up or buckle T-bar style are to be worn. Shoes need to be fastened at all times. Suede shoes are not acceptable;

Plain white socks – long (must be pulled up) or calf length (must be pulled up);

Mid-calf grey socks (must be pulled up) or grey tights.

3 February 2011

All school shoes should be polished on a regular basis and girls who wear “T Bar” style shoes must ensure that they are buckled securely at all times. This is a matter of occupational health and safety.