Point Cook Senior Secondary College

Girls at Point Cook Senior Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. They wear them with white or navy blue socks, with the option of black or navy blue tights in winter.


The compulsory aspects of the uniform are:

1. Footwear will be black, polishable leather shoes with a low heel (not boots above the ankle, not skate or canvas shoes or any other variation of sport shoe).

2. During Terms Two and Three the outer garment worn to and from the college must be either the blazer, jumper or spray jacket from the range. Blazers can be retained by students coming to the college from Carranballac, but must be re-pocketed with the PCSSC logo. During Terms Two and Three students may also wear the college scarf.

3. Socks must be plain white or navy blue and must cover the ankle bone. During Terms Two and Three students have the option of wearing navy blue or black tights.

4. Ties are to be worn at all times (except for students wearing summer dresses), except when students are directed to remove them in the case of warm weather.

5. If a hijab is worn, it must be white, maroon, black or navy blue. When a hijab is worn the student can then be excused from wearing a college tie. A long skirt in the uniform colours is available but must be ordered, no other colour should be worn.

Bayside P-12 College

Girls at Bayside P-12 College in Melbourne are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. They wear them with short white ankle socks in summer, and navy tights in winter.


Blazer Navy regulation with crest (not all sizes available)
Jacket Navy soft shell outer jacket with crest
Pullover Plain navy V-neck with crest
Dress Grey check/white trim (mid knee to 5cm above)
Shirt White (S/S) shirt with crest
Shorts Mid grey with woven Bayside flag
Socks Short white ankle
Hats Navy broadbrim with crest
Shoes Black leather lace up or T-Bar
Bag Navy Airopak with crest

Blazer Navy regulation with crest (not all sizes available)
Jacket Navy soft shell outer jacket with crest
Pullover Plain navy V-neck with crest
Blouse White (L/S) blouse with crest
Skirt Regulation check with bib for growth
Pants Mid grey with woven Bayside flag
Socks Short white ankle or grey ankle (trousers)
Hats Navy broadbrim with crest
Scarf Navy cashmere feel
Shoes Black leather lace up or T-Bar


Students are required to wear appropriate sturdy black leather school shoes

School shoes worn as part of the formal (academic) school uniform and in all technology, science and art classes must comply with the following criteria:

o Be of sturdy black leather construction (fully enclose the foot)
o Be in a lace-up or T-Bar style.o Should not display any ‘logos’
o Should have a heel that does not exceed 3 cm.

Unacceptable Footwear:
o Any footwear that resembles a casual shoe, runner, ballet style shoe or slip-on
o Any footwear that is not of sturdy black leather construction
o Any footwear that does not have a heel of less than 3 cm

No skate or runner style shoe with a flat sole should be worn

Mitcham Girls High School

Girls at Mitcham Girls High School in Adelaide are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. They are worn with short white, black or navy socks, or navy or black pantihose in winter.

December 2010


After considerable consultation with students, parents and staff regarding acceptable school shoes for students and in accordance with OHSW guidelines to have a solid heel and sole and provide adequate support and protection, the Uniform Committee advises that from 2011 the following styles are the accepted Dress Code:

– Leather or vinyl lace up shoe
– Mary Jane shoe with a Velcro or buckle strap(elastic straps will not be acceptable)
– T-Bar shoe

These shoes will be available from the Uniform Shop in 2011. Further information and images of these shoes are on the back of this leaflet.

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Staughton College

Girls at Staughton College are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear white socks with their summer dress, and navy tights or white socks with their winter skirt. Pants or slacks are also an option.


At Staughton College we take pride in the appearance of our students and the college uniform when worn correctly is a smart neat look.

Common issues we are faced with can include:

For Girls

  • Incorrect shoes
  • Incorrect hosiery (Black leggings, black/blue stockings rather than navy blue opaque tights & coloured socks rather than white)
  • Visible undergarments
  • Non Staughton branded scarves
  • Staughton Fleece Jacket (Now replaced by a Staughton soft shell jacket)


Girls uniform

  • Pullover (Navy Soft Feel, with stripe in V-neck and school logo) COMPULSORY
  • Blazer (Navy Twill with logo) OPTIONAL
    Polar Fleece Jacket(Navy Polar Fleece Zip Jacket, with school Logo) OPTIONAL
  • Summer Dress (Blue/White check dress)
  • Summer/Winter Skirt(Blue/White/Gold Check Skirt in Poly Viscose Fabric)
  • S/S Shirt (Blue Short Sleeve collar attached straight bottom shirt with school logo)
  • L/S Shirt(Blue Long Sleeve collar attached straight bottom shirt with school logo)
  • Girls Slacks(Grey Poly/Viscose, Straight Leg Slacks with logo)
  • Unisex Trousers(Grey, full elastic waist trouser with school Logo)
  • Unisex Shorts(Grey full elastic waist draw string shorts, with logo)
  • Socks (White)
    Tights (Navy Microfibre/Opaque Tight)


  • Black leather polishable lace up shoes for boys and girls.
  • Black leather polishable T-bar shoes for girls.
  • Shoe laces are to be totally black.

Monterey Secondary College

Girls at Monterey Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes with their uniform. They pair them with white or black socks all year round, tights also permitted with the winter uniform.



It is the policy of the College that all students from Year 7-12 wear the correct uniform whilst at school and when traveling to and from school. Shoes must be a plain black leather school shoes. Runner variations are not acceptable. Platform shoes, thongs or open-toed sandals are not suitable for school wear. White or black socks must be worn at all times. The college also has a sport uniform which allows for the wearing of runners.


Monterey Secondary College – The Basic Code of Practice and Minimum Expectations

Wear your uniform correctly at all times. That means shirts are tucked in, ties are done up properly, shoes are the lace up leather shoes, or buckled up T bars.

Catholic College Bendigo ban t-bars

Girls at Catholic College Bendigo were banned from wearing t-bar school shoes commencing in 2018, with existing students given a one year grace period. They wear black shoes and navy socks with both their summer and winter uniforms.


9 February 2017

Families are also reminded about the announcement at the end of last year regarding the move for all students, irrelevant of year level, to be in black polishable leather lace up shoes for 2018.

The T-bar shoes have been prone to breaking and are often not worn with the buckles done up.

Lace up shoes also provide a consistent look for all students.