Staughton College

Girls at Staughton College are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear white socks with their summer dress, and navy tights or white socks with their winter skirt. Pants or slacks are also an option.

At Staughton College we take pride in the appearance of our students and the college uniform when worn correctly is a smart neat look.

Common issues we are faced with can include:

For Girls

  • Incorrect shoes
  • Incorrect hosiery (Black leggings, black/blue stockings rather than navy blue opaque tights & coloured socks rather than white)
  • Visible undergarments
  • Non Staughton branded scarves
  • Staughton Fleece Jacket (Now replaced by a Staughton soft shell jacket)—staughton-college

Girls uniform

  • Pullover (Navy Soft Feel, with stripe in V-neck and school logo) COMPULSORY
  • Blazer (Navy Twill with logo) OPTIONAL
    Polar Fleece Jacket(Navy Polar Fleece Zip Jacket, with school Logo) OPTIONAL
  • Summer Dress (Blue/White check dress)
  • Summer/Winter Skirt(Blue/White/Gold Check Skirt in Poly Viscose Fabric)
  • S/S Shirt (Blue Short Sleeve collar attached straight bottom shirt with school logo)
  • L/S Shirt(Blue Long Sleeve collar attached straight bottom shirt with school logo)
  • Girls Slacks(Grey Poly/Viscose, Straight Leg Slacks with logo)
  • Unisex Trousers(Grey, full elastic waist trouser with school Logo)
  • Unisex Shorts(Grey full elastic waist draw string shorts, with logo)
  • Socks (White)
    Tights (Navy Microfibre/Opaque Tight)


  • Black leather polishable lace up shoes for boys and girls.
  • Black leather polishable T-bar shoes for girls.
  • Shoe laces are to be totally black.

Monterey Secondary College

Girls at Monterey Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes with their uniform. They pair them with white or black socks all year round, tights also permitted with the winter uniform.


It is the policy of the College that all students from Year 7-12 wear the correct uniform whilst at school and when traveling to and from school. Shoes must be a plain black leather school shoes. Runner variations are not acceptable. Platform shoes, thongs or open-toed sandals are not suitable for school wear. White or black socks must be worn at all times. The college also has a sport uniform which allows for the wearing of runners.

Monterey Secondary College – The Basic Code of Practice and Minimum Expectations

Wear your uniform correctly at all times. That means shirts are tucked in, ties are done up properly, shoes are the lace up leather shoes, or buckled up T bars.

A special pair of red t-bars

An interesting pair of Harrison Idaho t-bar school shoes.

Old paint covered Harrison Idaho t-bar school shoes

January 13, 2014

These Red Idaho tbar Harrison shoes are very special to me.

These were my daughters school shoes back in the 80’s and she stripped them to red and wore them to University.

The white paint is from when she painted her bedroom.

Can anyone share such a memory?

And YES these are the shoes based on todays Tbars!

Trashed t-bar school shoes

T-bar school shoes sure take a beating. Girls wear them five days a week for the entire school year!

There are many reasons to get your t-bar shoes buckled up. You won’t shuffle your feet along the ground. That wears out the soles of your shoes.

Harrison t-bars with worn and scuffed soles

If you don’t you’ll get holes in the bottom, and wet feet in winter

Harrison t-bars with a hole in the worn and scuffed soles

Shuffling alters your gait, bending your shoe more than normal. Keep at it, and eventually the stitching between the sole and the shoe upper will break.

Harrison Indiana t-bars with a hole between the sole and upper

All that shuffling can scuff also the toes of the shoe.

Harrison Indiana t-bars with scuffed toes

Shoe polish can’t fix the worst scuffing.

Schoolgirl wearing a scuffed pair of Harrison Idaho t-bars with white socks

Incorrectly fitted shoes mean feet slide around inside the shoe, wearing it away.

Harrison Indiana t-bars with the inside of the heel worn away

Lunchtimes spent sitting crosslegged on the asphalt result in scuffed patches on the side of the shoe.

Harrison Idaho t-bar with scuffed sides

But keeping your shoes buckled up won’t prevent the strap breaking.

Wilde t-bars with a broken strap

With nothing left to do up, this pair of Wilde t-bar school shoes is destined for a life of shuffling around unbuckled.

Wilde t-bars with a broken strap

Why do so many girls leave the buckles undone?

Found on Yahoo Answers.

Q: Hey – I’m Australia so this’ll probably make more sense to Aussie girls. Just wondered why so many girls who wear those T-bar type sandals, always leave the buckles undone??

A: haha i do….i dunno i guess its more comfortable and easier to walk in =] but most of the time i do them up cause of the teachers….(there pretty strict =/)

White socks and unbuckled t-bars and

Hamish and Andy talk school uniform fads

Hamish and Andy ask about school uniform fads. Their listeners deliver.

Stepping on the backs of her t-bars

Q: Some primary school uniform fads are so unexplainable. The double hat is a cracker. What was yours?

A: Ours was wearing those long singlets from supre or jay jays that had the lace on the bottom. The lace hung down over your school skirt. We also had bucket hats but everyone wore them with the front flipped up. And a random one in high school was everyone wore those t bar buckle up school shoes but they left them unbuckled and even stood on the back of the heels so they looked like slippers.

Reddit and unbuckled t-bars

Found over on Reddit.

Trashed Harrison Idaho t-bar school shoes with blue socks

Q: What were (in retrospect) the weirdest trends at your school?

A: Leaving your t-bar school shoes unbuckled.

Enter someone not familiar with t-bars.

Q: Que?

A: Shoes like this. Schools in Australia have uniforms, including black, enclosed shoes. For a while among the girls at my school it was popular to get shoes in this style but never actually buckle them up. Just…leave them undone.