Rowville Secondary College

Girls at Rowville Secondary College were banned from wearing t-bar school shoes from 2013. They wear black shoes and white socks with both their summer and winter uniforms, with navy tights an option in winter.


Only black polishable leather lace-up school shoes with heel. No other style of shoes permitted


School Shoes

T-bars will no longer be part of the uniform in 2014.

This decision was made by College Council in the interest of student health and safety as an alarming number of students wear T-bars unbuckled.

N.B All parents/guardians/students were advised of this in the 2013 packages distributed Term 4 2012.

All parents/guardians are advised to purchase black polishable leather lace up school shoes with a small heel.


Summer Uniform

– College summer dress (of modest length with under garments not visible)
– OR College grey slacks and plain white College shirt
– OR College standard length grey shorts and plain white College shirt;

– College jumper;
– plain white socks (above the ankle with no logos);
– black polishable leather lace-up school shoes with heel
– OR black polishable leather T-bar school shoes with single buckle and heel.


As of 2013, due to continued Occupational Health and Safety issues, T-bar shoes will no longer be acceptable and all students will be required to wear black polishable leather laceup school shoes.

June 12th 2012,_Issue_8_-_June_2012.pdf

Parents/Guardians please note that effective from 2013 T-bars will not be part of the uniform. College Council has made this decision in the interest of student safety.

16 December 2011


Girls : T- bars will be replaced by black leather lace up shoes. The reason for this change is that they are not strong enough as the buckle often breaks leading to students wearing them in manner that could result in injury. Increasingly students are choosing to wear them unbuckled in this dangerous and untidy manner.

Wheelers Hill Secondary College

Girls at Wheelers Hill Secondary College are not permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. They wear white socks with their summer dress, and grey, black or white socks or navy blue tights with their winter uniform.


Dress: burgundy check school dress
Shorts: grey shorts (optional) OR navy (tailored (optional)
Socks: white socks must be worn with shorts or dress. grey, black or white socks can be worn
with winter trousers


Skirt: blue/burgundy check school skirt
Trousers: grey school trousers OR navy (tailored)
Socks: grey, black or white socks can be worn with winter trousers navy socks must be worn with skirt
Tights: navy blue

Slip-on canvas shoes, t-bars and sneakers are not permitted. OHS legislation demands that footwear be safe for the activities undertaken. At school this includes Science experiments with chemicals, Materials Technology with machinery and tools, Food Technology with boiling water and other subjects with a range of physical activities.

Shoes must be laced at all times. T Bar shoes are not OHS compliant and cannot be worn under any circumstances.

Point Cook Senior Secondary College

Girls at Point Cook Senior Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. They wear them with white or navy blue socks, with the option of black or navy blue tights in winter.

The compulsory aspects of the uniform are:

1. Footwear will be black, polishable leather shoes with a low heel (not boots above the ankle, not skate or canvas shoes or any other variation of sport shoe).

2. During Terms Two and Three the outer garment worn to and from the college must be either the blazer, jumper or spray jacket from the range. Blazers can be retained by students coming to the college from Carranballac, but must be re-pocketed with the PCSSC logo. During Terms Two and Three students may also wear the college scarf.

3. Socks must be plain white or navy blue and must cover the ankle bone. During Terms Two and Three students have the option of wearing navy blue or black tights.

4. Ties are to be worn at all times (except for students wearing summer dresses), except when students are directed to remove them in the case of warm weather.

5. If a hijab is worn, it must be white, maroon, black or navy blue. When a hijab is worn the student can then be excused from wearing a college tie. A long skirt in the uniform colours is available but must be ordered, no other colour should be worn.