Old uniform at Penola Catholic College

Penola Catholic College launched their current school uniform in 2013. The previous uniform looked much the same but with the girls wearing tartan check instead of stripes. This uniform dated back to the creation of the college in 1995, through the amalgamation of three Catholic secondary schools – Therry College, Geoghegan College and Sancta Sophia College.

Classic uniforms at Siena College Camberwell

Siena College launched their current school uniform in 2012. It replaced the previous uniform that featured brown lace up school shoes, a pink dress and fawn knee socks in summer, and a brown skirt with brown tights in winter.

Commencing in 2013, all students new to the College will be required to wear the new uniform. The next two years until the start of 2015 provided a transition period for current students to change to the new uniform.

New summer dress at PCW Melbourne

In 2012 PCW Melbourne introduced a new summer dress as part of their school uniform. 2014 saw the end of the three-year change over period after which all girls were required to wear the new dress.


10 February 2012

I am delighted with the new school dress which is being
worn for the first time by all the Year 7s and a number of other students across the school. The dress was designed after consultation with staff, students and families.

The change was initiated when it became apparent that a large number of schools were using the fabric in the original school dress. The new dress fabric is unique to our school and has been designed for us alone. I think it looks great.

Click to access PCWLantern20141208.pdf

8th December 2014

2014 has seen the end of the three‐year cycle to phase out the old summer dress. From Term 1 2015 all students should be wearing the new dress.