Copyright and school uniform fabric patterns

Schools aim to make their uniforms distinctive so that their students stand out from other local schools. But some schools take this to extremes.

May 2007

Recent investigation for new school winter skirt for a neighbouring school presented the government school with a threat of legal action from one of the regional catholic colleges if they decided upon a particular tartan design. The catholic school claimed the tartan was their property and couldn’t be replicated by another school even though there existed over l00 km between the schools.

Is North Geelong Secondary College stealing their new uniform?

In 2010 North Geelong Secondary College revealed plans for a new school uniform. Students got wind of the plan and accused the school of stealing the uniform design used by another school.

August 2010

is North Geelong stealing?

well, we all know the rumor that North Geelong is changing their uniform from bland of green,white and brown to something a little spicier, using the color’s red, black and white.
But, is North Geelong, the school of many talents stealing?
The picture above indicates that the uniform that was chosen specifically for ‘NGSC’ is acually, the uniform of another school!!

The students got things half right. The uniform wasn’t stolen from Williamstown High School. But the winter skirt design is the same as Mt Alexander College.

And well as Monterey Secondary College.

Summer Bay High lookalikes at Domremy College

Domremy College is a small Catholic secondary school for girls, located in the Sydney suburb of Five Dock. Their summer dress has the same pattern as that of Summer Bay High School seen on the Australia soap opera ‘Home and Away’.

Domremy College girls in summer uniform

Domremy College or Home and Away summer uniform

Domremy College girls in summer dress and blazer

Year 7 – 10 Summer Uniform
Dress -Regulation long line ‘Crestalin’ with white trimmed collar – length: below the knee
Blazer – Navy Collarless Wool Blend fully lined
Jumper – Navy knitted V-Neck (optional – usually winter only)
School Bag – Navy Nylon Backpack with College Crest (Med or Lge size)
Socks – White with Navy stripe Domremy ankle style only
Shoes – Black, lace up – (not too bulky or high in the heel)

Year 11 – 12 College Uniform
Skirt – Domremy tartan, length: below the knee
Blouse – Short or Long Sleeve White with White collar
Blazer – Navy Collarless Wool Blend (as listed in Summer Uniform)
Jumper – Navy knitted V-Neck (as listed in Summer Uniform)
School Bag – Navy Nylon Backpack with College Crest
Socks – White with Navy stripe Domremy ankle style only