Ethnic dressup in t-bar school shoes

T-bar school shoes are normally paired with a school dress or skirt. But these young ladies have slipped into something a little different. Miss Blue is wearing a German Dirndl, while Miss Brown is wearing an Indian Sari.

Crazy sock day at Trinity Catholic College

Girls at Trinity Catholic College in Sydney normally rear navy tights with their winter uniform and lace up school shoes. But for Crazy Sock Day they pulled pair of colourful knee socks over the top, to raise money for the less fortunate.

December 2013

Trinity Catholic College recently held their first Crazy Sock Day at their Auburn and Regents Park campuses. Students were encouraged to wear crazy and colourful socks and donate at least one pair of socks to the St Vincent de Paul’s Winter Appeal.

Brighton Secondary School, Adelaide

Girls at Brighton Secondary School in Adelaide have been permitted to wear t-bar school shoes since 2014. They wear black shoes and plain socks with both their summer dress or shorts, black socks with their trousers, and black tights or white socks with their winter skirt. In winter lace up shoes are preferred by the girls, with Roman sandals a popular option in summer.

May 2018

Girls uniform

• BSS tailored charcoal grey pants

• BSS tailored charcoal grey shorts, knee length

• BSS blue/green check dress, knee length

• BSS tartan skirt, knee or mid-calf length worn only with BSS white and green pinstripe shirt
• Black/navy 50+ denier tights are the preferred option with the skirt but plain white or BSS mid-calf socks may be worn

• Black, flat-soled, sturdy, leather, lace-up school shoes or plain black leather sports shoes
• Black leather T-bar (Bata brand) school shoes
• Brown leather school (not fashion) sandals with acceptable support and sturdy strap buckled around the ankle
• Boots are NOT to be worn

• sandals are NOT to be worn for certain subjects – see further information at end of policy
• shorts are to be worn with white socks and black school shoes, not sandals
• the soles should not twist.

June 2014

The uniform committee has approved girls to wear the T-Bar shoes except in those subject areas affected (Technical Studies, Home Economics, Music and Science) where closed in leather shoes are required. We recommend the “Bata Brand”.

The black canvas sandshoes are NOT school uniform and are NOT approved. Students wearing these shoes and other inappropriate shoes will receive consequences for not following the policy.

Notre Dame College, Shepparton banning t-bars

Girls at Notre Dame College in Shepparton were banned from wearing t-bar school shoes from 2019. They wear black shoes and grey socks with both their summer and winter uniforms, with grey tights an option in winter.

January 2018

Black polishable traditional supportive school shoes which are fully enclosed and solid with a heel.

T-Bar school shoes which are black, polishable, traditional, supportive and solid with a heel, while acceptable are not fully enclosed and CANNOT be worn in the Technology Centre when undertaking practical classes.

T-Bar school shoes ARE NOT permitted for Year 7 students in 2018. They will NOT be accepted for any student from 2019.

Catherine McAuley College, Bendigo

Girls at Catherine McAuley College in Bendigo are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. In summer they wear them with navy socks with a gold and white band, and in winter navy tights.

November 2017

Girls Summer Uniform

Navy/gold/white/charcoal strip dress with white collar and cuff (on the knee length)

Charcoal straight leg

Short Sleeve

Navy with gold and white band

Dark navy with logo

Girls Winter Uniform

Navy with gold/white/charcoal stripe and crossover collar

Navy with gold/white/charcoal stripe and crossover collar

Long Sleeve

Navy/gold/white/charcoal strip (on the knee length)

Charcoal straight leg

Navy with gold stripe

Navy (with skirt)

Navy (with pants)

Black leather shoes. No runner style black shoes.

January 2018

The College has received a number of calls regarding school shoes. Please be advised of the following:

Black lace up shoes for both boys and girls, girls are also permitted to wear black t-bar style footwear. No runner style black shoes.

January 2018

T-bars are OK! Our top back-to-school enquiries are about school shoes. Uniform requirements are black lace up shoes for both boys and girls; girls can also wear black t-bar style shoes. (No runner style shoes please.)

Cornish College

Girls at Cornish College are not permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear white ankle socks with their summer dress, and navy socks or tights with their winter skirt.

May 2016

Girls Summer
Term 1 and 4

– Dress and White Ankle Socks with School Trim
– Divided Skirt, Summer Shirt and Navy Ankle Socks with School Trim

– Jumper or Vest

Girls Winter
Term 2 and 3

– Skirt (Years 5 to 12)
– Girls Trousers (Prep to Year 12)

– Blazer
– Jumper or Vest
– Tie
– Knee High or Ankle Navy Socks with School Trim or Navy Tights

Black leather lace up college-style school shoes are required for all students. Velcro fastening college-style shoes are acceptable for Prep to Year 3 students. T-bar and Mary Jane style school shoes are not permitted.