Things You’ll Only Get If You Grew Up In Geelong

23 Things You’ll Only Get If You Grew Up In Geelong – I bet you never won a game against South Barwon either. By Courtney Gould from Buzzfeed Australia.

You were always confused as to why the schools in Geelong had long-ass kilts.

When all Melbourne girls had short skirts.


East Preston Islamic College

The uniform for girls at East Preston Islamic College in Melbourne covers their entire body, including a floor length skirt. But underneath they still wear white socks and t-bar shoes like any other school girl.

East Preston Islamic College girls formal uniform

Students are to wear entirely black leather shoes with the dress uniform.

Girls are to wear white regulation school girls’ socks which are worn covering the ankle. Girls may wear navy tights for extra warmth during winter.

Padua College

Girls at Padua College wear t-bars with navy blue socks, with both summer dresses or winter skirts.

Padua College black t-bars

Girls who wear their shoes unbuckled have been warned that failure to follow school rules will result in t-bars being banned.

13 November 2010

There is a trend in many schools to ban the use of the t-bar sandal due to safety concerns. This year has seen an improvement from the girls in wearing these shoes correctly; however, some girls continue to wear these shoes unbuckled and this constitutes a serious safety issue. If the buckle is broken, parents are asked to replace the shoes immediately and girls are reminded to wear the shoe fastened at all times. If the girls do not co-operate with this request, the t-bar sandal will be removed from the uniform as an option.