New uniform at Siena College

Siena College launched their current brown, black and white uniform in 2012. This uniform features black lace up school shoes with white knee socks in summer, and black tights in winter.

Commencing in 2013, all students new to the College will be required to wear the new uniform. The next two years until the start of 2015 provided a transition period for current students to change to the new uniform.

The old uniform featured brown lace up school shoes, a pink dress and fawn knee socks in summer, and a brown skirt with brown tights in winter.

It is with much pleasure that I introduce the new Siena College uniform. It is the result of eighteen months of planning and consultation and was designed to reflect the history and Dominican tradition of Siena College and to serve the College well into the future.

The distinctive, rust blazer has been retained as the one constant feature of all the uniform changes across the seventy-two year history of Siena College. It reflects the rich, rust coloured soils of Siena in Italy, the birthplace of our patron, St Catherine of Siena. The rust colour is also a symbolic link between Siena and the red soil at the centre of Australia. The new colours of black and white connect our community to Dominicans around the world.

In developing the new uniform, we have been guided by Francis Stewart from our uniform supplier, Bob Stewart. Francis’ expertise and advice based on many years of experience has been invaluable. I thank the members of the Uniform Committee and all who offered advice and suggestions. Thanks to this dedicated team and the contribution of current and past students, staff, parents and Dominican Sisters, we now have a modern, elegant and stylish uniform that reflects both our Siena and Dominican history.

All new students in 2013, whether beginning at Year 7 or in other year levels, will be required to purchase the new uniform. A two year changeover period is envisaged, during which current students are required to wear either the new uniform or a current uniform, but not mix and match items. I look forward to seeing all students new to our College in 2013 wearing the new uniform with pride.

Commencing in 2013, all students new to the College will be required to wear the new College uniform. The next two years until the start of 2015, will provide a transition period for current students to change over to the new uniform. Current students will be required to wear either the new uniform or the existing uniform, but may not mix and match items.

Q: Can students wear an old blazer with the new summer or winter uniform?
A: No, any part of the new uniform needs to be worn in its entirety from blazer to socks and shoes.

Q: Can a new sports uniform be worn if an old academic uniform is still being worn?
A: Yes, providing all elements of the new sports uniform are worn and not mixed with old sport uniform items.

Q: Can a new summer academic uniform be worn for summer and the old winter uniform for winter?
A: Yes, providing the old blazer, shoes and tights are worn with the winter uniform.

Q: Can a student in Year 9 continue to wear the green jumper with the old uniform, or do they need to purchase a brown jumper having reached senior school?
A: Students in Year 10 in 2013 may wear either the green or brown jumper.

Q: Will the senior school have a different colour jumper to the junior school?
A: No, all year levels will have the same jumper except Year 12 students will have the opportunity to have their year of graduation embroidered on their existing black jumper when they reach Year 12.

Q: How can old uniform items be accessed during the two-year transition period?
A: Bob Stewart has a limited supply of the old uniform available for purchase until July 2013. The second hand uniform shop will also have old donated uniform elements available for a gold coin donation.

Q: If a current family has a daughter commencing in 2013, can they wear the old
A: No, all students new to the College in 2013 are required to wear the new uniform.

Q: If new school shoes are required, can black shoes be worn with the old uniform?
A: No, only new uniform items may be worn together.

Q: Can white socks or black tights be worn with the old uniform?
A: No, only new uniform items may be worn together.

Q: Will all students be in the new uniform by the start of 2015?
A: Yes, all students will have transitioned to the new uniform within two years of the launch.

Classic uniforms at Academy of Mary Immaculate

Academy of Mary Immaculate introduced their current school uniform in 2011. The previous uniform looked much the same but plainer: both the winter skirt and blazer were unadorned navy blue.


This year, however, a comprehensive review of the AMI uniform identified the need to adopt a more contemporary uniform design, while respecting the Academy’s rich history and unique identity.

In consultation with the College community and being mindful of factors such as fit, comfort, durability, cost, fabric and design, a new uniform has been unveiled. It will have a modern design, while retaining the College colours of light and navy blue, yellow and white.

So 2010 marks the end of the ‘pinny’ era, as the College’s new arrivals in 2011 embrace change.


Following consultation with all members of the Academy community, modification was made to the College uniform to ensure a more contemporary style. Year 7 2011 are the first group to wear the new uniform which will phased in over the next two years.


The College has introduced a new school uniform for 2011. This uniform will be phased in over a couple of years. In 2011 it will only be available for Year 7 students and students new to the College. All other students will continue to wear the old uniform.

28th June 2013

I would like to congratulate the majority of our students who wear the Uniform well. There have been a number of questions regarding some aspects of the Uniform so I have included the College Policy on these items for your information.

Socks – There appears to be some confusion regarding the correct socks to be worn with the “new” Winter Uniform. All students wearing the New College Winter Uniform are to wear Navy College Socks or navy Tights. White socks continue to be worn by students in Years 10, 11 & 12 who have the Uniform that is being phased out.

16 May 2014

Socks – There appears to be some confusion regarding the correct socks to be worn with the “new” Winter Uniform. All students wearing the New College Winter Uniform are to wear Navy College Socks or navy Tights. White socks continue to be worn by students in Years 11 & 12 who have the Uniform that is being phased out.

29 May 2015

Socks – There appears to be some confusion regarding the correct socks to be worn with the “new” Winter Uniform. All students wearing the New College Winter Uniform are to wear Navy College Socks or navy Tights. White socks continue to be worn only by students in Year 12 who have the “Old” Uniform that is being phased out.

New summer dress at PCW Melbourne

In 2012 PCW Melbourne introduced a new summer dress as part of their school uniform. 2014 saw the end of the three-year change over period after which all girls were required to wear the new dress.

10 February 2012

I am delighted with the new school dress which is being
worn for the first time by all the Year 7s and a number of other students across the school. The dress was designed after consultation with staff, students and families.

The change was initiated when it became apparent that a large number of schools were using the fabric in the original school dress. The new dress fabric is unique to our school and has been designed for us alone. I think it looks great.

8th December 2014

2014 has seen the end of the three‐year cycle to phase out the old summer dress. From Term 1 2015 all students should be wearing the new dress.

New uniform at Ave Maria College

In 2013 Ave Maria College introduced a new school uniform, coinciding with the school’s 50th Anniversary. The burgundy, charcoal and white colour palette is distinctive and the styling of the individual pieces is contemporary.

Ave Maria post-2014 summer and winter uniform

Ave Maria pre-2016 winter and summer uniform

April 2014

Uniform Regulations 2014

The new uniform is compulsory for all new students, Year 8 and incoming Year 7 students in 2014. A three‐year transition into the new uniform is allowed for students at other year levels. From the commencement of 2016, all students will be required to wear all components of the new uniform.

During the transition period, items of the superseded uniform and the new uniform cannot be worn together. New replacement garments from the superseded uniform range will be available as required from the Colleges’ uniform supplier. Failure to adhere to the College Uniform regulations will, in the first instance; result in the issuing of a demerit. We thank parents for their support as we introduce the new uniform.

February 2014

Old Ave Maria College Uniforms

We are collecting old uniforms to send to Timor-Leste (East
Timor). We need any pieces of the pre-2016 uniform that you
no longer need. This includes: summer, winter and sports
uniform, socks and shoes (if in good condition).

Three eras of Kilbreda College uniform

Kilbreda College in Mentone was founded in 1904 by the Brigidine Sisters. In that time the school uniforms has changed a number of times. Here we see three of them.

  • Classic uniform – pinafore in pinstriped green, paired with a green tie and fawn blouse
  • 2004 uniform – green summer dress with green and red pin stripes in a tartan-like pattern
  • 2014 uniform – candy striped summer dress with white, deep maroon and charcoal grey bands

Three eras of Kilbreda College uniforms

Wesley College’s new uniform

In 2014 Melbourne’s Wesley College introduced a new school uniform. It retains their iconic purple colours, but with a fresh new look.

Wesley College - 2015's new summer and winter uniforms

Wesley celebrates… with a new uniform

29 February 2016

The lead up to and now commencement of our sesquicentenary year of reflection and celebration about being 150 years young, also marks the release of a new school uniform.

The College initiated consideration of all that we love about our current uniform, sought out where we shared some reservations and engaged pre-eminent industry design and technical capability through The Jonathan Ward Collective (Jonathan Ward – Design, Noone Imagewear – academic uniform and Champion Teamwear – sport/performance uniform) to consider ideas for a classic and contemporary new school uniform.

The release of the new uniform in late 2015 to new students and existing students from early 2016 has been received with great enthusiasm and a sense of purple and gold familiarity, as it is a design and style that embodies the Wesley College about which we are so passionate. The comments and feedback through the Uniform Shops has been overwhelmingly positive.

One cannot help but reflect on the boldness of Prue Acton some 20 years ago, in designing a new uniform for Wesley College which acknowledged over a hundred years of a boys-only school history and fused bold ambitions to the early days of Wesley coeducation. It’s amusing to note that our existing uniform was greeted with an observation…it’s bright isn’t it. And now, our new uniform in 2016 has moved to a deeper and royal shade of purple and, of course, the inevitable observation, it’s a bit darker isn’t it!

Fashion can be an evolving cycle of classic and contemporary, rife with clichés trying to explain the aesthetic, seeking to give voice and symbolism to how we wish to present our College. The move to a deeper, richer purple, the return of classic grey to complement and highlight a more tailored cut for both the male and female body shape. A lightness and layering of our summer collection (Oh – we are in full swing now!) to respond to the heat of the Australian summer and provide our Early Childhood Learning Centres and Junior Schools with younger styles that remain true to the new Wesley College uniform.

As far as introducing a new uniform to a College with such a significant history, I think we can say that all has gone well, so far. Further releases of differing elements of the academic and sport uniforms will take place as we move through the school terms and seasons, with many existing families taking advantage of the 2016/2017 transition timeframe, as well as continued sale of the existing uniform through the Second Hand Uniform Shops.

Wesley College – New Uniform Q&A


The design concepts of the new uniform aim to connect students with the traditions and history of Wesley whilst, at the same time, reflecting a modern, innovative, progressive school in contemporary 21st century Australia.

The current Wesley College uniform introduced in 1996 was designed more than 18 years ago by Prue Acton and, since then, only revisions to the cut and design of items have been made and more modern yarns and fabrics used. In considering our current academic and sport/performance uniform and potential scope for a new uniform, the College surveyed in excess of 1,800 members of our community between March and May 2013 including current and past students, parents and staff.

Respondents were given the opportunity to provide additional comments on the design and quality of both academic and sport/performance uniforms, what they like and dislike about the existing uniforms, what changes or additional items they would like to see and about the First Teams uniforms.

The full list of responses extended to over 400 pages of comments, with well over 1000 individual comments made in some areas.

In summary there was somewhat equal measure between overall satisfaction coupled to a desire for a number of specific improvement opportunities and an interest in exploring a new contemporary design.

During June/July 2013 the College released an Expression of Interest and Design Brief for a new Wesley College Uniform and subsequently appointed acclaimed Australian designer and Executive Designer for RM Williams, Jonathan Ward, of the Jonathan Ward Collective including Noone Imagewear (academic uniform) and Champion Teamwear (sport/performance uniform).

Why is the school introducing a new uniform?

The current Wesley College uniform, designed by Prue Acton is approaching two decades of age with the benefit of select minor enhancements over the years, particularly as regards the introduction of new yarns / materials.

Two decades on, Wesley is well due to revisit the question of what meets the contemporary requirements of the College and its students into the 21st century.

What are the major differences between the current uniform and the proposed new design?

The most defining point of difference with the new uniform is our choice of a deeper and richer purple (darker aubergine hue) and gold both enhanced by a more tailored elegant and classic design style for both girls and boys including the introduction of a fine pinstripe feature in the blazer, shirts, girls dress and skirt. Also reintroduced from our College uniform history is a darker charcoal for both boy’s shorts and pants and girl’s pants and skirts.

What is the timeline for introduction?

The new uniform for new students to the College will be available from October 2015 for the 2016 year (new uniform for existing students will be available from January 2016 for the 2016 year) through to complete change over across all year levels for the start of the 2018 school year – a three year period from notice to full changeover.

With notice of uniform change in late 2014 and availability of the new uniform for purchase from late 2015 for the 2016 year existing families are encouraged to balance uniform needs knowing the timing of the new uniform release in September/October 2015.

Wesley College – New Uniform Purchase & Transition for 2016 Year Factsheet

There are four guiding principles:
1) No mixing of the current and new uniform during the transition period (applies separately to academic and sport uniforms) – students must be in the full current academic or sport uniform or the full new academic or sport uniform;

2) ALL new students at ALL year levels commencing with Wesley in 2016 must purchase the new uniform;

3) Existing students at Wesley prior to 2016 will change over to the new uniform during the 2016 and 2017 years (noting exceptions detailed below);

4) All students will need to be in the full new uniform from the start of the 2018 year.

Camberwell Girls Grammar goes black (school shoes that is)

The school uniform at Camberwell Girls Grammar was once known for brown t-bars and fawn tights. But since joining the ever growing list of schools that has banned t-bars in 2013, they are now also ditching brown shoes.

Camberwell Girls Grammar black school shoes with summer uniform

Girls continue wearing white socks with their summer dresses, but for winter they pair their new black school shoes with navy tights.

28 August 2015

Many families have indicated that the brown shoes are becoming difficult to purchase. Students will be able to wear plain black lace-ups or Lady Jane style shoes in black leather. The summer socks will remain the same, however if students are wearing black shoes then they will need to wear navy tights with the winter academic uniform.

In 2016 students may wear either brown or black shoes with the correct corresponding coloured tights with the winter academic uniform. However we won’t be re-ordering any more beige tights so once they have run out there will not be any more to purchase. Winter socks will no longer be part of the uniform, only tights.