Victorian monopoly on Harrison shoes

Shoes and Sox is a chain of shoe shops with stores all around Australia. But for their back to school sale, only the one state will have Harrison shoes in stock.

They offer plenty of options Clarks lace-up school shoes. But the Harrison Indy II is available in Victoria only.

And the same story on the Mary Jane page. The Harrison Indiana II is another Victoria-only shoe.


Harrison versus Clarks t-bar school shoes

Compare the pair of t-bar school shoes – Harrison Indiana to the left, Clarks Ingrid to the right.

Both have similar ‘T’ strap and vamp detail. But the Clarks Ingrid has a much chunkier sole, especially the tread.

Clarks Ingrid t-bar school shoes

Another t-bar school shoe is the ‘Ingrid’ by Clarks. Chunkier in design than the classic Harrison t-bar, the Ingrid is suitable for orthotics, and comes in both ‘junior’ girls and ‘senior’ ladies sizes.

Ingrid is a cult favourite, T-bar girls’ school shoe designed with a buckle fastening and laser cut toe design. Features a leather upper, lining and sock, with a removable innersole shaped for extra comfort.

Ave Maria College

Girls at Ave Maria College are not permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear long white socks with their summer dress, and black stockings or tights with their winter skirt.

Ave Maria post-2014 summer and winter uniform

Summer Uniform

1. Striped dress, knee length
2. Charcoal grey College jumper (Years 7-10), marle grey College jumper (Years 11-12).
3. Burgundy blazer
4. White socks, long.
5. Optional: Charcoal grey College vest (Years 7-10), marle grey College vest (Years 11-12)

Winter Uniform

1. Long sleeved white shirt, as supplied
2. Striped winter skirt, knee length
3. Charcoal grey College jumper (Years 7-10), marle grey College jumper (Years 11-12)
4. Burgundy blazer
5. Black stockings / Tights (minimum 40 denier). (socks must not be worn with the Winter Uniform)
6. Optional: Charcoal grey College vest (Years 7-10), marle grey College vest (Years 11-12)

Plain black lace-up shoes, to provide best foot support and protection.

Buckle shoes or T-bar shoes are not permitted.

T-bars aren’t just for school

T-bars school shoes aren’t just for the classroom – fashionable ladies know how to pull them off with any look.

peach iced tea and mia: autumn style musings

I have put together an edit of my favourite styles and pieces for the colder weather.

pinafore dress//Topshop floral print top//Topshop felt Fedora hat//Urban Outfitters T-Bar brogues//Clarks grey sweater dress//Monki floral pattern skirt//Topshop grey coat//Monki yellow beanie hat//Monki black Chelsea boots//Asos

The T-Bars are actually my school shoes, but I love them enough to wear them out of school as well, generally with frilly/cartoon socks and dresses or skirts!