Hamish and Andy talk school uniform fads

Hamish and Andy ask about school uniform fads. Their listeners deliver.

Stepping on the backs of her t-bars


Q: Some primary school uniform fads are so unexplainable. The double hat is a cracker. What was yours?

A: Ours was wearing those long singlets from supre or jay jays that had the lace on the bottom. The lace hung down over your school skirt. We also had bucket hats but everyone wore them with the front flipped up. And a random one in high school was everyone wore those t bar buckle up school shoes but they left them unbuckled and even stood on the back of the heels so they looked like slippers.

Minda shoes in South Australia

Spotted over on Reddit.

Summer uniform with brown t-bars at St Aloysius College, Adelaide

Q: What were (in retrospect) the weirdest trends at your school?

A: Leaving your t-bar school shoes unbuckled

A: I’m Aussie and everyone at the schools I went to called them Mindas hahaha

Q: I’ve never heard that in Melbourne – where are you from?

A: Rural south aus

If you are confused.



Originating in South Australia, this term refers to Minda Incorporated, an organisation established in Adelaide in 1898, to support individuals (particularly children) with intellectual disabilities. It became popularised in primary school playgrounds, employed as an insult.

The term is often directed at the intellectually disabled, but can also be used to belittle family, friends, or complete strangers (though the latter depends on one’s fluency in bogan).

Reddit and unbuckled t-bars

Found over on Reddit.

Trashed Harrison Idaho t-bar school shoes with blue socks

Q: What were (in retrospect) the weirdest trends at your school?

A: Leaving your t-bar school shoes unbuckled.

Enter someone not familiar with t-bars.

Q: Que?

A: Shoes like this. Schools in Australia have uniforms, including black, enclosed shoes. For a while among the girls at my school it was popular to get shoes in this style but never actually buckle them up. Just…leave them undone.

St Francis Xavier College

The girls at St Francis Xavier College have not been allowed to wear t-bar school shoes since 2012. They wear white knee or ankle socks with their summer dress, and navy opaque tights with their winter skirt.

St Francis Xavier College girls in summer and winter uniform

March 24, 2011


Please note: T-Bar school shoes will NOT be considered appropriate footwear at St Francis Xavier College from 2012. Parents are asked to take this into consideration when purchasing new school shoes this year.

February 9, 2012


A uniform audit has been completed and whilst most students comply with our regulations, some students must make some improvements in this area. In particular, appropriate school shoes must be worn. As advised last year T-bar shoes are no longer part of the St Francis Xavier College uniform



Black leather lace-up school shoes (standard heel, smooth leather upper) Not T-Bars

Dromana Secondary College

Girls at Dromana Secondary College are allowed to wear t-bar school shoes, but have been warned to keep them buckled up.

Dromana Secondary College winter uniform

They can wear either white, black or navy socks, at calf or knee length, with both their winter and summer uniforms, as well as navy tights in winter. About the only combination of hosiery they cannot wear is white socks over their tights!

30th June 2011


We are inserting some photos of correct and incorrect uniform items which will hopefully clarify these issues. Girls need to ensure that T-bars, if worn, are buckled up at all times. Girls are not permitted to wear white socks over black tights.

Multi-coloured t-bar school shoes

Any colour you like as long as it is black – that is what the original Harrison t-bar school shoes are known for. But Wilde, a manufacture of very similar t-bar shoe, you can pick any colour you like.

Selection of multicoloured 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde

In 2012 they released their ‘Jenny’ t-bar school in six new colours.

‘Cobalt’ blue.

Cobalt blue 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde


Pink 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde


Purple 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde


White 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde


Yellow 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde

And red.

Red 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde

Pity they don’t seem to be available any more. 😦


Established back in 1998, Wilde has created the perfect expression of affordable fashion footwear with market leading attention to quality, comfort and value all with a designer inspired point of view.

hit/shit volume 7 – noisy schoolgirl shoeplay

This guy doesn’t like it when schoolgirls play with their shoes under the desk in class.

Girls at their desk in class wearing t-bar school shoes

November 2009

PAULY » Wed Nov 18 2009, 10:25

in one of my exams last week this stupid fucking bitch had those t bar shoes (basically school shoes that have a strap on them, which has a metal clip) and she had her clips undone, and was banging her feet together, i was seriously about to throw my calculator at her but i would’ve got kicked out.


What would you think?

Clonard College

The girls at Clonard College have t-bars on the mind. They wear grey ankle socks in summer, and grey knee socks or tights in winter.


The birds fly swift over my head.
Students chattering in their classes.
I hear the sound of T-bars ahead.
The sweet smell of freshly cut grasses.