More plastic t-bar shoes by Melissa

Melissa is a Brazilian brand known for their plastic sandals. Their ‘Kazakova’ t-bar sandal has the classic t-bar look, but made 100% out of plastic.

As well as black, they come in burgundy, beige and blue.

The soles have a chunky look.

And the cut out sides show off plenty of foot.

Do you think a girl could get away with wearing them to school?


Bata t-bar school shoes

Bata makes three version of t-bar school shoe.

Cala t-bar in matt

Cala t-bar, in patent leather

Cassie laceup

All feature padded collars, but the Cala t-bar was once available in the ‘classic’ Harrison Idaho style.

Brown t-bars by Bilby Shoes

Bilby Shoes is an Australian shoe manufacturer. Their range includes brown t-bar school shoes.

December 2015

Brown school shoes can be so hard to find, but not here.

We stock Bata and ROC brown school shoes as well as our Australian made Bilby shoes range. We have brown school shoes in lace up. buckle and velcro.

Come and support the last Australian manufacture of school shoes. Pedorthist in store everyday.

Victorian monopoly on Harrison shoes

Shoes and Sox is a chain of shoe shops with stores all around Australia. But for their back to school sale, only the one state will have Harrison shoes in stock.

They offer plenty of options Clarks lace-up school shoes. But the Harrison Indy II is available in Victoria only.

And the same story on the Mary Jane page. The Harrison Indiana II is another Victoria-only shoe.

Kickers t-bar school shoes

Kickers is a British shoe brand best known for their t-bar school shoes. Best known for their chunky, well ridged soles and tough buckle fastening, these shoes are anything but dainty.