Genazzano FCJ College

At Genazzano FCJ College the uniform features the school colours of maroon and grey. Girls are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes, that are paired with white knee high sock in summer, and black tights in winter.

Genazzano FCJ College winter uniform wityh black tights and t-bar school shoes

Genazzano FCJ College summer uniform with white socks and t-bar school shoes

The school uniform holds a special place in the hearts of the young ladies who attend the college.

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Celebrating the Identity of Genazzano — Our College Uniform

Below you will find the thought of two students on what they feel the uniform means for them:

“Last year every morning when I woke up I used to see my sister in the Gen school uniform. I had always loved the look of it and I couldn’t wait until I started at Gen. When I started at Gen and wore the uniform for the first time I felt special because not everyone gets the same opportunities that we have here at Genazzano.

Wearing the uniform neatly and with pride is important because it means that we are respecting the uniform and the school. It also shows that we are part of Genazzano.”

Sophie F (Year 5)

“I feel as though the Genazzano school uniform is a defining factor in the sense of identity within the College for all students. The definition of a uniform is, in simple terms, the distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organisation; however I think that the Genazzano uniform holds much more significance than this. Within the College, it instils a sense of pride and works to unify all of the students so that a certain awareness of, and loyalty to, the school is developed. Furthermore, the uniform is a point of recognition for those external to the College, meaning that students are able to carry this pride and loyalty with them around the community each time they wear the uniform in public. Above all, the uniform creates a sense of belonging for every Genazzano girl, whether in the past, present or future, which is why I am very proud to wear it.”

Lorena S (Year 11)