Donvale Christian College

The girls at Donvale Christian College are not happy about their school enforcing lace-up shoes.

Say NO! To Lace-Ups in Donvale!

From their Facebook group.

Hey girls so as we all know DCC is enforcing lace-up shoes for girls in 2014 and being a Year 12 this year I do not want to waste up to $100 on new shoes for ONE year because that is simply ridiculous! So, the idea is that if we all work together we can give the school the message that the lace-up shoes idea is ridiculous and takes away from expressing our feminine side as chunky lace-up shoes scream ‘MASCULINITY!’ to me! I refuse to wear lace-up shoes so jon me by wearing your normal T-bars and not wasting money on pointless shoes! 🙂

The group leader asked the following of the year 12 girls.

Okay so, despite year twelves apparently being exempted from this rule due to the realisation that it’s quite ridiculous to get new shoes for a year.. I still think it’s worth it to support the other girls in our school who have to wear lace ups for no real reason.. they say OH&S but I say that’s just stupid. What is more risky? Not buckling your T-bars and not tripping over but simply looking messy… or not tying laces and falling face first to the ground… yeah look… I tend to think this is just a lame excuse to make the school “more posh”, and, honestly, I think this is just ridiculous! So, please do invite more people if you so desire.

The school had the following to say.

DCC Uniform 2014

There are a number of modifications and additions to the DCC uniform as a result of the review
conducted in 2013. These changes are straightforward and have been well received. There are just a
couple of compliance details that may require clarification.

In regard to lace up school shoes for all students – there will be a compliance period of 12 months. By
the commencement of the school year 2015 all students are required to wear black leather lace up
school shoes.

One more year to go girls.

Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School, Canterbury

The young ladies from Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School created the Facebook group “Buckle up strathys, they’re not taking our t-bars too” when they were threatened by teachers with having their t-bar school shoes taken away.

Buckle up strathys, they're not taking our t-bars too

July 30, 2010

hey guys, whoever joined this, go sign the petition thats going around the school about keeping socks and getting a SRC, 🙂

At least the Strathcona girls in this photo have their t-bars all done up!

Strathcona girls with buckled t-bar school shoes