Tartan summer dresses at Kilbreda College

In 2004 Kilbreda College, Mentone updated with school uniform to replace their ‘candy striper’ summer dress with an updated green and red pin stripe in a tartan-like pattern, paired with fawn socks and brown school shoes. This dress was then replaced in 2014 by a completely new uniform.


Kilbreda College ‘candy striper’ uniform

Until 2004 Kilbreda College was known for their ‘candy striper’ uniform, featuring a summer dress with white, green and red vertical stripes, paired with a green blazer, red jumper, fawn socks and brown t-bar or laceup school shoes.

Brown shoes at Walford School for Girls

Until 2012 girls at Walford Anglican School for Girls in Adelaide wore brown lace-up school shoes, paired with camel coloured knee socks in summer, and grey knee socks or tights in winter. They now wear black shoes instead.

The girls donated their now unneeded brown school shoes to students in Africa.


April 8, 2013

Walford School sends dozens of old brown school shoes to Africa through The Butterfly Movement charity


Black is the new black at Walford School.

The Hyde Park college last year broke with 120 years of tradition to change its school uniform shoe colour from brown to black.

Students donated about 300 pairs of brown shoes to The Butterfly Movement charity last month.

Year 9 student Kate, 14, of Millswood, was pleased to hand over her old footwear to be sent to disadvantaged African families.

“It’s a good feeling because you’re giving people in Africa an opportunity to wear shoes that they wouldn’t have had before,” Kate said.

“I couldn’t imagine not having any shoes to wear.

“I hope they are happy and they’re useful for them.”

Year 9 student Alexia said it was important for the school to get behind the cause.

“Some of those people have never even worn shoes before,” the Unley resident said.

“The shoes wouldn’t have come to much use otherwise.”

The Butterfly Movement was founded in 2011 by Dalice Kennedy.

It has since donated about 70,000 pairs of shoes to people in need.

The Walford uniform shop advertised their surplus stock to the girls of nearby Kildare College Holden Hill, who were still required to wear brown lace up school shoes.


27 July 2012

Brown School Shoe Sale

Walford school are changing from brown shoes to black shoes. Their uniform shop has new brown shoes in stock that they wish to sell for $50 per pair. This price is nearly half the ‘wholesale’ cost of buying a pair of new shoes. The brand of the shoes is ‘Footwear Plus’, made locally in South Australia.

Sizes available of Lace Up Brown Shoes: 2 x Size 12 Child, 1 x Size 13 Child, 2 x Size 2 Adult, 1 x Size 4 Adult, 1 x Size 5 Adult, 2 x Size 6 Adult, 1 x Size 10 Adult , 1 x Size 12 Adult.


Ferny Grove State High School

Girls at Ferny Grove State High School in Brisbane, Queensland wear brown lace-up school shoes with their uniform. They wear short mid-brown socks with their skirt, with dark brown stockings an option during winter months.


May 2017

Girls’ Uniform

– Peppermint green blouse with bottle green collar and matching bottle green buttons and piping
– Bottle green skirt – knee length
– Bottle green tie is encouraged and required for formal occasions
– Mid-brown socks
– Brown lace-up hard leather standard school shoes and short mid-brown socks. Please note that jogging shoes with brown leather uppers or suede shoes are not acceptable.
– Please note that the P&C is currently investigating a Girls Formal Shorts option. Until this has been finalised girls are able to wear the Boys Formal Shorts if they wish.

Winter additions
– School jumper or school blazer
– Tailored bottle green slacks
– Dark brown stockings

– Tie – bottle green to match trims on shirt (optional)
– Green school scarf
– School badge (optional)
– Girls’ hair accessories


Reminiscing about sensible brown t-bar shoes

Some mums reminisce about the days of sensible brown t-bar shoes.

Ah the days of sensible brown t-bar shoes! Did you have a pair like this?

Little girls might have worn a pair like these.

But older girls probably wore a pair more like this.

With some school girls still wearing them today.


Santa Sabina College

Girls at Santa Sabina College in Sydney wear brown lace up shoes with their school uniform. They wear striped white ankle socks with both summer and winter uniforms, with the option of fawn tights with their winter skirt. Junior school girls wear a plain green winter skirt, while senior girls wear a check skirt instead.


Classic uniforms at Siena College Camberwell

Siena College launched their current school uniform in 2012. It replaced the previous uniform that featured brown lace up school shoes, a pink dress and fawn knee socks in summer, and a brown skirt with brown tights in winter.

Commencing in 2013, all students new to the College will be required to wear the new uniform. The next two years until the start of 2015 provided a transition period for current students to change to the new uniform.