Santa Sabina College

Girls at Santa Sabina College in Sydney wear brown lace up shoes with their school uniform. They wear striped white ankle socks with both summer and winter uniforms, with the option of fawn tights with their winter skirt. Junior school girls wear a plain green winter skirt, while senior girls wear a check skirt instead.


Classic uniforms at Siena College Camberwell

Siena College launched their current school uniform in 2012. It replaced the previous uniform that featured brown lace up school shoes, a pink dress and fawn knee socks in summer, and a brown skirt with brown tights in winter.

Commencing in 2013, all students new to the College will be required to wear the new uniform. The next two years until the start of 2015 provided a transition period for current students to change to the new uniform.

Brown school shoes at Academy of Mary Immaculate

Brown school shoes and fawn socks were once a common part of an Australian school uniform. The class of 1990 at Academy of Mary Immaculate were among the girls who wore them.

Today the girls at Academy of Mary Immaculate wear black t-bar school shoes with their uniform, paired with navy socks or tights in winter, and white socks in summer.

Lauriston Girls School

Girls at Lauriston Girls School in Melbourne wear t-bar school shoes with their uniform. They are paired with bone/ecru tights or socks and winter skirt in term 2 and 3, and bone/ecru knee or ankle socks and summer dress in terms 1 and 4.


Regulation brown school shoes or T-bar sandals with closed in toes. Shoes may be lace-up or T-bar.

T-bar shoes must be maintained in good repair and worn with buckles fastened.

Students may wear socks may during the summer terms – bone or ecru ankle or knee high socks are

The option in winter terms is School tights, or bone/ecru ankle or knee socks.

School skirts and dresses are to be no more than five (5) centimetres above the knee.

Brown school shoes in New South Wales

A handful of schools in New South Wales require their students to wear brown school shoes. With black shoes more common, this is an increasingly more difficult task for parents.

Sydney Girls High School students in winter uniform with brown shoes, and white socks or brown tights

January 2013

Owner of Wilson’s Shoe Store Colleen Foster said the store specialised in school shoes and there were predictable trends in when people bought school shoes.

Mothers brought children starting school into the shop before Christmas whereas those older students going to high school left it to the last moment before the school term started, she said.

The other trend was the demand for brown school shoes which were worn in three or four of Sutherland Shire’s schools, the remainder being black.

The choice of school shoes was also narrowed by principals who would not allow students to wear canvas shoes, sandshoes or ballet-type footwear if they were studying hospitality courses.

Sydney Girls High School is a “uniform school”. The distinctive brown and yellow uniform is well known and readily identifiable with SGHS.

Students wear brown lace-up school shoes. No other colour or style is acceptable. White school ankle socks or brown school stockings are both available from the Uniform Shop.

Bangor Primary School is a Uniform School. School uniform is as follows : Brown Leather shoes

Kirrawee Public School. Brown school shoes are required. Girls require white socks.

Problems with brown school shoes at St Augustine’s Keilor

In Melbourne brown school shoes are a rare sight. This makes it hard for parents who need to find a pair of their children who are required to wear them. This school had to contact local shoe shops for help.

Brown shoes from Morton's Shoes, Ivanhoe

September 2015

Brown School Shoes

I have been in contact with Betts Kids, (Watergardens) about supplying brown school shoes for our school. They have styles available in brown but need to order them in (7-10 days) until they ascertain that it is viable to stock them.

I have also contacted Williams, (Watergardens) who state that they have limited shoes available. They will also order shoes in. They will have certainly have brown shoes in their ‘Back to school’ promotion

There is a significant number of students not wearing correct school footwear at the moment. I suggest that you get down to Betts Kids or Williams, get your child measured up and your order should be ready for the start of Term 4.