New summer dress at PCW Melbourne

In 2012 PCW Melbourne introduced a new summer dress as part of their school uniform. 2014 saw the end of the three-year change over period after which all girls were required to wear the new dress.

10 February 2012

I am delighted with the new school dress which is being
worn for the first time by all the Year 7s and a number of other students across the school. The dress was designed after consultation with staff, students and families.

The change was initiated when it became apparent that a large number of schools were using the fabric in the original school dress. The new dress fabric is unique to our school and has been designed for us alone. I think it looks great.

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8th December 2014

2014 has seen the end of the three‐year cycle to phase out the old summer dress. From Term 1 2015 all students should be wearing the new dress.

Bare legs at PCW Melbourne

Every year the girls at PCW Melbourne hold a house music competition. Full summer school uniform is required but with one exception: nude tights instead of white socks.

Pre-2010 with t-bar school shoes.

Compulsory lace-up school shoes and ‘old’ pre-2012 summer dress.

Lace-up school shoes and ‘new’ 2012 summer dress.

Winter socks banned at PCW Melbourne

Girls at PCW Melbourne were banned from wearing socks with their winter uniform in Term 3 2015. They are required to wear navy blue tights instead.

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25th March 2015

Winter Uniform — Term 2

Students will be required to wear Winter Uniform from the start of Term 2.  We are looking to phase out socks with the Winter Uniform.  Tights will be compulsory from Term 3 onwards.

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24th April 2015

Winter Uniform—Term 2 (Tights)

Students will no longer be able to wear socks with their winter uniform. Unfortunately some girls were constantly rolling up their skirt, which does not adhere to our College uniform policy. Due to this it has been decided that students can wear tights only, from Term 3, as a part of the winter uniform to maintain the consistent look of the uniform.

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2 April 2014

Winter Uniform

Skirt: PCW Melbourne Skirt
Blazer: Navy blue, College pocket (compulsory in Terms 2 & 3)
Pullover: Navy blue with College emblem
Vest (Optional): Navy blue, College emblem
Socks/Tights: Navy, knee high socks or tights (No anklets)
Shoes: Black leather lace up school shoes

Presentation College Windsor

Presentation College Windsor banned t-bar school shoes from Term 2, 2010 onwards. With black footware being required, various flavours of Harrison lace ups are now the shoe of choice, except for some girls who have started the unique fashion of wearing black brogues.

Presentation College Windsor: girls in t-bars and laceups

November 2009

From Term 2, 2010, all students will be required to wear black, lace- up, leather shoes. Black laces only. These shoes offer far more support for feet and are easier to maintain. The lace-up shoes are more expensive than T-Bars so it is essential that the correct shoes are purchased. Shoes should not have heels or platforms.

April 2011

Ever since the first student in Ancient Greece wore an officially approved school tunic, with the hem shortened above her ankles, students have looked for ways to distinguish themselves from their uniformed peers.

Whether its the length of a dress, an untucked shirt or undone t-bars, what we are talking about are uniform trends. PCW is not immune from sweeping fashion trends when it comes to uniforms and the various ways they can be worn. Let’s look at some of the more popular ones:

Up until a few years ago a PCW student’s uniform would not be complete without a pair of black T-bars. This popular footwear came with its own trend of having the buckles undone. This was a fashion statement rather than a comfort trend. Teachers, however, soon put a stop to this. Undone Tbars were a disaster waiting to happen.