Winter socks banned at PCW Melbourne

Girls at PCW Melbourne were banned from wearing socks with their winter uniform in Term 3 2015. They are required to wear navy blue tights instead.

25th March 2015

Winter Uniform — Term 2

Students will be required to wear Winter Uniform from the start of Term 2.  We are looking to phase out socks with the Winter Uniform.  Tights will be compulsory from Term 3 onwards.

24th April 2015

Winter Uniform—Term 2 (Tights)

Students will no longer be able to wear socks with their winter uniform. Unfortunately some girls were constantly rolling up their skirt, which does not adhere to our College uniform policy. Due to this it has been decided that students can wear tights only, from Term 3, as a part of the winter uniform to maintain the consistent look of the uniform.

2 April 2014

Winter Uniform

Skirt: PCW Melbourne Skirt
Blazer: Navy blue, College pocket (compulsory in Terms 2 & 3)
Pullover: Navy blue with College emblem
Vest (Optional): Navy blue, College emblem
Socks/Tights: Navy, knee high socks or tights (No anklets)
Shoes: Black leather lace up school shoes


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