St Columba’s College, Essendon

St Columba’s College in Essendon has not allowed t-bar school shoes for many years. Instead the girls have to wear black lace up school shoes.

St Columba’s College girls in lace up school shoes

December 2009

The uniform policy clearly states that the shoes required must be black lace ups. No T-bars or ballet slippers permitted.

Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School, Canterbury

The young ladies from Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School created the Facebook group “Buckle up strathys, they’re not taking our t-bars too” when they were threatened by teachers with having their t-bar school shoes taken away.

Buckle up strathys, they're not taking our t-bars too

July 30, 2010

hey guys, whoever joined this, go sign the petition thats going around the school about keeping socks and getting a SRC, 🙂

At least the Strathcona girls in this photo have their t-bars all done up!

Strathcona girls with buckled t-bar school shoes