Geelong students embrace pants for school girls

Girls in Geelong are among those ditching the school dress for pants. From the Geelong Advertiser.

14 September 2017

Uniform shouldn’t be Uniform – Geelong Students Embrace Pants for School Girls
Olivia Shying

Geelong girls who have embraced the opportunity to wear pants at school believe all students should be able to wear a uniform they feel comfortable in.

While Education Minister James Merlino is assessing how to enforce a rule in all government schools that would give girls the chance to wear pants, many girls in Geelong are already embracing the freedom to choose.

Most public secondary schools in Geelong have dress and pant options for female students, however girls at the majority of the city’s independent and Catholic schools must wear skirts or dresses.

Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College changed its uniform policy in 2014 to include navy blue pants after receiving a number of requests from students and parents.

Olivia L, 13, wore a skirt for the first term of Year 7 at the all-girls school, before deciding she was more comfortable in pants.

“I went to a co-educational primary school and never wore dresses or skirts. I always wore pants or shorts — it’s who I was and how I feel comfortable,” Olivia said.

“I enjoy having the option to wear pants because it helps me to be myself.” While neither Sacred Heart College, Clonard College nor Geelong Grammar School publicly list shorts or pants as options for female students on their uniform lists, Geelong College changed its policy eight years ago.

Principal Dr Peter Miller said Geelong College introduced pants and shorts for girls of all ages into its uniform policy in 2009. The pants are tailored for females and come in all sizes.

“We believe it is important to cater for individual needs of our students, in their uniforms, academic programs and co-curricular opportunities as best we can,” Dr Miller said.

“Self-esteem issues present many challenges for school aged children, and simple changes to a uniform policy can help make some students feel happier and more comfortable at school.” The Catholic Education Melbourne office confirmed it would not force schools to change their uniform requirements, with a spokesman confirming all Catholic schools determined their own uniform policies.

Mr Merlino said he was assessing options to ensure all girls at government schools had freedom of choice.

“While the vast majority of schools already offer the option of female students wearing shorts of pants, it is something I would expect all government schools to do,” Mr Merlino said.

The Government cannot direct non-government schools to alter their dress codes. But Mr Merlino said while those schools made their own decisions, it was always beneficial if schools opted for dress codes that encouraged female students to engage in physical activity.

Belmont High School

Girls at Belmont High School were banned from wearing t-bar school shoes from 2013. They wear black shoes and white socks with both their summer and winter uniforms, with navy tights an option in winter.

March 2019


– Green and white regulation dress
– Green Belmont High School jumper, round neck with school logo
– Grey or white socks. Socks must not have any logo on them.


– “Black Watch” tartan kilt – length – 20cm above ground (no shorter)
– White or grey socks (ankle length or above) OR navy or black tights

Black leather T-bar or traditional school leather lace-up shoes (No boots, ballet style shoes, or canvas shoes)

November 2019

A reminder to students and parents that the following uniform items are currently permitted in 2019, however these items will NOT be permitted from the beginning of 2020:

– T-bar shoes

This information was distributed to students and parents at the end of last year. The Belmont High School Uniform Policy is located on our school website for your information.

Pants at Sacred Heart College Geelong

In 2018 Sacred Heart College Geelong announced that they would soon be adding shorts to their summer uniform and trousers to the winter uniform.

30 November 2018

Further to the 1,178 survey responses from students, parents and staff, the College has acknowledged the need to:

• Think differently about the school uniform
• Create a platform that provides flexibility through a variety of choices
• Be a bit more on-trend with what we offer to students
• Consider school uniform guidelines that are more agile and flexible

The changes to our current uniform policy have recognised that our girls are learning in a complex and rapidly changing environment, and that we need to provide choice, autonomy and flexibility. However, the uniform remains a mark of identity of Sacred Heart College to the wider community and there is an expectation for all students that it should be worn correctly and with pride. As always, we appreciate the ongoing support of our families and staff in ensuring the girls wear their uniform correctly.

The chart below highlights the changes that will be implemented from Term 1 2019, with a few options for further consideration during the year.


– Summer dress
– White socks with summer dress
– Current winter shirt


– Trans-seasonal choice of winter or summer uniform, ie the uniform can be worn in accordance with the weather. However this must be full summer or full winter uniform, not a combination of both
– Navy pants (can be worn in summer and winter)
– New short-sleeved summer shirt – can be worn with pants or winter kilt
– Navy branded sports tights
– White long-sleeve branded sports top
– Short navy socks for under new pants (only to be worn with pants)
– Standard knee-length kilt (transition to new length by 2021)


– Compulsory tie with winter uniform, ie tie is now optional
– Ankle-length kilt from Noone’s manufacture (once current stocks are exhausted)
– VCE pale blue jumper from 2021 (can still be worn by Years 11 and 12 students in 2019 and Year 12 students only in 2020)

New uniform at Sacred Heart College Geelong

Sacred Heart College Geelong introduced their current school uniform in 2009. The changes provided links to the past while providing a contemporary look to the uniform.

Sacred Heart College Geelong schoolgirls in lace up school shoes

3 September 2009

Uniform modifications 2010 and beyond:

In the newsletter during Term 2 we outlined plans to investigate modifications to the summer and winter uniforms in time for the 150th anniversary of the school.

Those investigations have concluded and resulted in modifications to the jumper, the summer dress and the winter shirt, tie and socks. The changes ensure links to the past while providing a contemporary look to the uniform.

Students commencing at Sacred Heart College in 2010 are required to purchase the new uniform as it is phased in over the next few years. In developing the new uniform we have been mindful not to unduly increase costs to parents. To that end we have retained the existing blazer and winter skirt and removed the VCE jumper as part of the uniform.

The modifications will be displayed for students for the first time on Mercy Arts Day.

17 September 2009

Uniform modifications 2010 and beyond:

As a general rule students entering the College from 2010 are required to purchase the new uniform as it is phased in over the next few years. There are however, some exceptions to this and I ask you to carefully read the following. Uniform change can be confusing but we are endeavouring to keep it as straight forward as possible. Therefore:

New students:

• Year 7 students commencing in 2010 are expected to purchase all uniform items from the new range. Any family who has an existing uniform from an older daughter may allow the daughter commencing in 2010 to wear this until the phase in period has expired. Students are not to ‘mix and match’ the old and the new uniforms.

• Year 8-10 students commencing in 2010 are expected to purchase all uniform items from the new uniform range.

• Year 11-12 students commencing in 2010 may purchase either the existing (secondhand or new) or the new uniform, but may not ‘mix and match’ items.

Current Students:

Year 8-12 current students purchasing
replacement items may purchase either the existing (second hand or new) or new uniform items. During the phase-in period we will permit some ‘mix and match’ until the change-over is complete. We anticipate that after 2010 the old uniform will no longer be manufactured, meaning that replacement items will have to be in the new style.

In developing the new uniform we have been mindful to not unduly increase costs to parents. To that end we have retained the existing blazer and winter skirt and removed the VCE jumper as part of the uniform. Please contact me if any clarification is required.

New uniform at Geelong Lutheran College

In 2019 a new uniform was introduced at Geelong Lutheran College. A new navy jumper and striped shirt was introduced, and the option of pants for girls in winter and shorts in summer. Transition to the new uniform is expected to be completed by day 1 of Term 1, 2021.


As of 2019, the College uniform will be in a transition phase to a new ‘wardrobe’ of uniform which will be part of our shared identity with St John’s Newtown. Both schools will wear the same uniform.

New families to Geelong Lutheran College Armstrong Creek and St John’s Newtown are to purchase new uniform items. Existing families are encouraged to replace items from the new range.

Transition to the new uniform is expected to be completed by day 1 of Term 1, 2021.

Sep 20, 2018

A small discussion group of parents (Armstrong Creek and St John’s) and staff met on Wednesday 19 September to discuss the proposed uniform concepts for 2019.

A small selection of students had the opportunity to view and wear the new concepts, giving their own insights into the new uniforms. The feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive and we will be very excited to unveil the new wardrobe to our wider community in early Term 4.

Items will go into production immediately and will be available to order in late November, early December. All students new to the College in 2019 will be recommended to purchase from the new uniform range, as the old items will be phased out over two years. Current families will be encouraged to purchase from the new range, rather than second-hand and phased out items.

An invitation to view the new uniform range will be released in the coming weeks! We know that our wider community of parents and students will love the new pieces.

Mar 22, 2018

New Uniform Update

On the back of feedback already received from our families, the following is a list of proposed uniform changes:


– Sock colour for girls and boys
– Sports uniform – shirts, pants, shorts and house shirts
– Girls shirt
– Possible change to school jumper
– Introduction of shorts and pants for girls (optional items)

There will be no change to the blazer.

Things You’ll Only Get If You Grew Up In Geelong

23 Things You’ll Only Get If You Grew Up In Geelong – I bet you never won a game against South Barwon either. By Courtney Gould from Buzzfeed Australia.

You were always confused as to why the schools in Geelong had long-ass kilts.

When all Melbourne girls had short skirts.

Winter kilts at Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College

The young ladies at Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College in Geelong fall into two camps – those who want their winter kilts super long and dragging the ground, and those who want them super short and barely hiding their underwear. Teachers want them somewhere in between.

August 2006

The length of winter kilts should be knee to mid calf.

The length of summer dresses should be knee to mid thigh.

May 2011

Click to access Newsletter04.pdf

Recently parents /guardians received a text message with regard to the length of school kilts and dresses. The minimum length is to be just above the knee and the maximum length will be mid calf. All students are to ensure that their dresses or kilts adhere to these requirements.

May 2014

Click to access 23-May-2014-Uniform.pdf

The minimum length of the school dress is just above the knee – Students are also allowed to wear school navy blue shorts. The dress is to be worn with lightweight plain white or navy blue socks

The minimum length of kilts is just above the knee – Students are also allowed to wear school navy blue pants. The tilt is to be worn with plain white or navy blue socks or navy tights.

June 2014

A Note on the Current Uniform Kilt length: Student leaders have started to and will continue to contact parents about kilts that are too short. The correct length is somewhere between the mid-calf and just above the knee.

December 2015

Click to access UNIFORM_POLICY_2015.pdf

The following are not permitted:

  • Kilts that are too long will need to be shortened
  • Kilts or skirts that are too short will need to be lengthened or an appropriate new garment purchased before a student may return to school
  • Wearing of leggings and pants under school dress or skirt/kilt
  • Black, ripped or lacey tights
  • Socks worn over the top of tights – Students will be asked to remove socks

Is North Geelong Secondary College stealing their new uniform?

In 2010 North Geelong Secondary College revealed plans for a new school uniform. Students got wind of the plan and accused the school of stealing the uniform design used by another school.

August 2010

is North Geelong stealing?

well, we all know the rumor that North Geelong is changing their uniform from bland of green,white and brown to something a little spicier, using the color’s red, black and white.
But, is North Geelong, the school of many talents stealing?
The picture above indicates that the uniform that was chosen specifically for ‘NGSC’ is acually, the uniform of another school!!

The students got things half right. The uniform wasn’t stolen from Williamstown High School. But the winter skirt design is the same as Mt Alexander College.

And well as Monterey Secondary College.

New uniform at Newcomb Secondary College

In 2013 Newcomb Secondary College in Geelong introduced a new school uniform. Green is now the predominant colour. This replaced the brown that once featured alongside.

With the introduction of the new College uniform in 2013 there was a two year period of grace, during which time students could wear new, old or combination of uniform items. We are now approaching the end of that two year transition period and it is timely to remind all families that students are expected to be wearing the new College uniform for the beginning of the 2015 school year.

Girls uniform

  • Summer dress is a green, blue and white check
  • Tailored navy blue pants or dress shorts
  • New winter skirt will be wash and wear with three box pleats front and back. The colour will be bottle green and navy tartan
  • White collared, button up, straight edge school shirts to be worn with shorts, pants and the winter skirt.
  • Navy Blue Wool blend jumper with College Logo, and bottle green and white stripes on the neck band.
  • Optional Navy Blue Blazer with College Logo and tie (bottle green, navy and white)
  • Black polishable leather or leather look shoes- with laces or buckle. Black skate style shoes may be worn if they are all black, including the laces, with no coloured markings. Slip-on, canvas or ballet style shoes will not be accepted.
  • White knee length or crew socks with summer dress, shorts or skirt
  • Navy blue stockings or tights can be worn with the winter skirt

Geelong Lutheran College

Girls at Geelong Lutheran College are not permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear striped white socks with their summer dress, and grey tights with their winter skirt.

December 2015

Footwear needs to complement the uniform and allow students to safely participate in school ac vies. The following requirements need to be followed when purchasing new shoes to wear at Geelong Lutheran College.

School shoes need to lace up, able to be polished and enclosed beyond Year 4. No zipper or velcro shoes are permitted. T-Bar styles are permitted for girls up to the end of Year 4.

May 2016

– School Blazer Compulsory (all year)
Royal Blue with College logo. Must be worn to and from school. (Yr12 Blazers have braiding)

– Pullover V-neck wool blend pullover (Yrs. 7-9)

– Navy Senior School V-neck wool blend pullover (Yrs. 10-12)

– Summer Dress (T1&T4)
Poly cotton check design with white cuffs and collar with adjustable tabs. Length must be between just below the knee to mid-calf. Must be worn with blazer over the top to and from school.

– Winter Pinafore (T2&T3)
Poly wool check skirt with adjustable waist. Must be worn on the waist and below the knee to mid-calf.

– Winter long sleeve blouse (T2&T3)
White poly rayon long sleeve blouse, collar attached. To be worn with school tie.

– Tie (T2&T3) Royal blue tie with College logo.

– Scarf: GLC Scarf – grey with royal and yellow bands

– Socks (T1&T4) White anklet socks with stripes.
Ankle socks can only be worn in summer. Knee-high socks can only be worn in winter

– Tights (T2&T3) Charcoal grey cotton/nylon tights
Can only be worn in winter and formal occasions as required with winter uniform.

– Shoes
Black leather lace-up shoes. T-Bars are acceptable from Prep to Year 4.