Hamish and Andy talk school uniform fads

Hamish and Andy ask about school uniform fads. Their listeners deliver.

Stepping on the backs of her t-bars


Q: Some primary school uniform fads are so unexplainable. The double hat is a cracker. What was yours?

A: Ours was wearing those long singlets from supre or jay jays that had the lace on the bottom. The lace hung down over your school skirt. We also had bucket hats but everyone wore them with the front flipped up. And a random one in high school was everyone wore those t bar buckle up school shoes but they left them unbuckled and even stood on the back of the heels so they looked like slippers.

Reddit and unbuckled t-bars

Found over on Reddit.

Trashed Harrison Idaho t-bar school shoes with blue socks

Q: What were (in retrospect) the weirdest trends at your school?

A: Leaving your t-bar school shoes unbuckled.

Enter someone not familiar with t-bars.

Q: Que?

A: Shoes like this. Schools in Australia have uniforms, including black, enclosed shoes. For a while among the girls at my school it was popular to get shoes in this style but never actually buckle them up. Just…leave them undone.

Western Heights College

Girls at Western Heights College have been warned to keep their t-bars buckled up. They are supposed to wear white socks with their summer uniform and navy ones in winter, but in reality anything goes.

Western Heights College winter uniform kilt and pants

3 March 2011


There are still a number of students who are not wearing the correct school shoes. Black leather lace-up shoes for boys and buckled, leather T-Bars for girls are required for safety reasons at school. Leather or vinyl zip up shoes, canvas slip-ons or black runners are not part of our school uniform.

Schoolgirls shuffing around Doncaster Shoppingtown

The fashionistas on the Vogue forums have noticed the schoolgirls at Doncaster Shoppingtown, shuffling around in their unbuckled t-bar shoes.

Two schoolgirls wearing unbuckled t-bar shoes

October 2008


I’ve never seen so much marble in a shopping centre in my entire life! The marble flooring makes it look classy, but then you see all these school girls with their unbuckled t-bar shoes ‘skating’ across it, which makes a really dreadful noise.