Wilde – another t-bar styled Mary Jane shoe

This is the ‘Jade’ by Wilde: another t-bar styled Mary Jane shoe. This time the ‘T’ strap is replaced by a a single strap, secured with velcro.

Wilde 'Jade' maryjane school shoe: top view

The shoe has the same contrast heel and stitching are the classic t-bar school shoe. But it lacks the toe cutouts, instead having a closed toe like a t-bar styled laceup shoe.

Wilde 'Jade' maryjane school shoe: toe view

Wilde 'Jade' maryjane school shoe: front view

Wilde 'Jade' maryjane school shoe: side view

2 thoughts on “Wilde – another t-bar styled Mary Jane shoe

  1. Where can I start, I live in Liverpool in the UK and I was talking to a friend in Australia who had joust bought some Tbars, She was made up to show me and for some reason I fell in love with them. I looked for weeks on and off at them, Eventually a conversation about them popped up again and she said they did them in my size and I should get some. Well I decided why not although at 1st I was a bit conscious about wearing them, I have had mine now for a few years and have found them so comfortable from the start, I get some looks and occasional sniggers but on the whole I’ve had tons of compliments and inquiries of where to buy them . When Jami’e private schoolgirl came on over here I had a lot more interest as I think people clicked were they were from. However at the moment Tbars have taken over the UK.  Regards   John

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