Harrison t-bars on student exchange

Girls at St Catherine’s School Toorak have a student exchange program with their sister school, St Catherine’s in Bramley.

The English girls have the option of wearing loafers, mary-janes, brouges or classic laceup shoes with their school uniforms.

The Australian girls wear the same school uniforms as their host sisters, but have brought their Harrison t-bar shoes along for the trip across the world. Can you spot the four Aussies?


St Catherine’s School Toorak

Girls at St Catherine’s School Toorak are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. They wear them with pale blue socks in summer, with the option of grey tights in winter.


Senior School Uniform

Compulsory Uniform

– School pullover
– School blazer (Years 7 – 9)
– School braided blazer (Years 10 – 12 only)
– Pale blue knee-high or ankle socks
– Black shoes (lace-ups or t-bars)
– Pale blue pullover (Year 12 only)

NB: Pullover must not be worn off campus as outer garment

Summer Uniform

– Senior style dress
– Pale blue knee-high or ankle socks

Winter Uniform

– School skirt
– School shirt
– School tie
– Grey tights or pale blue knee-high or ankle socks