Kurunjang Secondary College

Girls at Kurunjang Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar school shoes. They wear them with their choice of white, navy or black ankle socks in summer, with the added option of black or navy tights in winter.


TROUSERS (Girls) College navy blue school pants with embroidered KSC letters

SHORTS College navy blue tailored shorts with embroidered KSC letters

PULLOVER Navy blue V neck with embroidered College logo

POLO TOP Light blue polo top with embroidered College logo

BUSINESS SHIRT Short or long sleeves, cotton polyester. College blue with embroidered College logo.

BLAZER Navy blue with embroidered logo

SUMMER DRESS Kurunjang check, cotton polyester. (Only be worn with white socks.)

TARTAN SKIRT Kurunjang check tartan skirt, with box pleats and side pocket. Should be worn ONLY with navy tights or white socks

Summer – White anklet calf length
Winter – navy anklet calf length and knee high

TIGHTS (girls) Navy, micro fibre/opaque. Only to be worn with tartan skirt.


Black plain leather, polishable lace up school shoes for boys and girls. Girls are also permitted to wear black leather, polishable T-bar shoes. Please note: Shoes should be all black, with shoe laces totally black.

Students are reminded that socks at the College should be plain, with no logos or other designs.

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