St Mary’s College, Seymour

Girls at St Mary’s College, Seymour were banned from wearing t-bar school shoes commencing in 2014, with existing students given a one year grace period. They wear white knee or ankle socks with their summer dress, and navy tights or knee socks with their winter skirt.

June 2014

T-Bar Shoes

Throughout this Term we have conducted research into the girls school shoes. This investigation stems from OH&S considerations re the current T-Bar shoes our girls wear. A large majority of schools (particularly Secondary Schools) have recently made the shift from T-Bar shoes to black enclosed laced school shoes.

After consultation with the College Board a decision has been made to shift away from our T-Bar shoes to the enclosed black laced school shoe. This will take effect from the start of 2015. However, we would advise all parents who need to buy new shoes during the next semester to buy the enclosed shoe. Students are permitted to wear this type of shoe immediately. We will be notifying all local shops who sell school shoes of our decision.

July 2014

Transition from T-Bar school shoes to enclosed black school shoes 2015

Due to Occupational, Health and Safety reasons the College will be phasing out the girls T-Bar school shoes in preference of a safer, enclosed school shoe.

The need for this change is particularly necessary when students are participating in various creative arts subjects.

This proposal was recently approved by the College Board. This will be a TRANSITION process with the aim that all female students be in these plain black enclosed school shoes by the start of 2015.

If purchasing new shoes for your daughter/s please make sure they are plain black enclosed lace-up or Velcro school shoes.

7 August 2014

Did you receive your letter explaining the recent uniform change? Briefly, due to safety reasons, the girls’ t-bar shoes are no longer considered safe to wear, especially in some Creative Arts subjects. Please contact the College if you have not received a letter explaining the uniform change. Last week’s Marian also featured an explanation of the change.

28 August 2014

Also a reminder that as of 2015: all students will be required to wear closed school shoes. For health and safety reasons the t-bar shoe will not be a part of our uniform.


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