Walford School for Girls

Girls at Walford Anglican School for Girls wear black lace up shoes with their school uniform. They wear camel coloured knee socks with their summer dress, and grey tights or knee socks with their winter skirt.



– Blazer Walford navy “poly wool” crested
– Pullover Walford grey, with school colours – not to be worn outside of school without blazer
– Hair Formal occasions – Navy blue ribbons, navy elasticised ponytail holders, plain brown or navy snap clips
– Hair Non formal occasions – winter or summer material scrunchie or headband
– School Bag Walford monogrammed
– Shoes Black leather lace ups. See School Shop for approved styles

Summer Terms 1 and 4
– Dress Blue with navy piping on collars and cuffs – Length at least below kneecap-maximum 14cm below knee
– Straw Hat Walford crest – Excursions, to and from school, yard hat – (House colour hat optional in yard)
– Socks Camel – long socks compulsory for formal occasions. (Camel anklets optional)
– Sandals Ink navy Leather – Option to shoes if temperature is over 25°C.

Winter Terms 2 and 3
– Skirt Blue and grey plaid – Length at least below kneecap-maximum 14cm below knee
– Gold Blouse Years 6–11 long sleeve with “W” embroidered
– White Blouse Years 11–12 long sleeve with “W” embroidered (Year 11 not until Term 3)
– Tie Walford navy with embroidered “W” print
– Socks Walford grey – long only (compulsory)
– Tights Walford Grey – thick denier – (optional)
– Gloves Navy knit only
– Scarf Walford Navy with “W” embroidery only to be used

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