St Albans Secondary College

Girls at St Albans Secondary College are permitted to wear t-bar shoes with their school uniform. They wear plain white ankle socks with their summer dress, and white socks or black tights with their winter skirt.

June 2014

College Uniform – Girls

– White Polo or Shirt with School Logo
– Woollen Maroon V-neck School Jumper
– Woollen Grey V-neck VCE Jumper
– Maroon Black and White Jacket with School Logo
– Dress Maroon and White Check Dress
– Winter Skirt Maroon, Black and White Tartan Skirt
– White Socks (with dress or skirt)
– Black Tights (only with Skirt)
– Black Pants with School Logo – Girls Style (Note: no other Black Pants can be worn)
– Black Shorts with School Logo
– Black Lace Up School Shoes or T-Bar Buckle Up Shoes

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