Students sent home from school for wearing wrong socks

Schoolgirls at St Albans Secondary College in Melbourne, Victoria have been sent home for wearing white socks that didn’t cover their ankles. The shame!

6 February 2018

At least 17 students have been sent home from a high school in Melbourne’s western suburbs for wearing the wrong socks.

It is believed a further 15 students at St Albans Secondary College received an all day internal detention for breaches of the school’s uniform code during a crackdown on Tuesday.

There are claims up to 40 students were sent home for breaching the uniform code. However the school said only 17 were sent home, and only after their parents gave permission for them to leave to change into the correct uniform.

It is understood some students went to school wearing white coloured socks, as stipulated in the school’s uniform code, but were reprimanded because their socks were too short and did not cover their ankles.

The school’s policy is that all students must wear white socks which are long enough to cover their ankles. The Age understands the decision sparked outrage among some parents who believed it was an overreaction.

Principal Kerrie Dowsley defended the decision to send some students home, saying the school had a strict uniform policy which had been in place for more than 20 years.

“We are proud of our uniform policy, which plays an important role in developing a positive and proud school culture for students,” Ms Dowsley said.

“An overwhelming majority of parents we have spoken to support the school’s policy and the actions we took.”
Ms Dowsley said students were reminded again last week about school uniform checks.

“The school regularly has uniform checks and we contacted the parents of students who were for a range of reasons in the wrong uniform today,” she said.

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