Ferny Grove State High School

Girls at Ferny Grove State High School in Brisbane, Queensland wear brown lace-up school shoes with their uniform. They wear short mid-brown socks with their skirt, with dark brown stockings an option during winter months.

May 2017


Girls’ Uniform

– Peppermint green blouse with bottle green collar and matching bottle green buttons and piping
– Bottle green skirt – knee length
– Bottle green tie is encouraged and required for formal occasions
– Mid-brown socks
– Brown lace-up hard leather standard school shoes and short mid-brown socks. Please note that jogging shoes with brown leather uppers or suede shoes are not acceptable.
– Please note that the P&C is currently investigating a Girls Formal Shorts option. Until this has been finalised girls are able to wear the Boys Formal Shorts if they wish.

Winter additions
– School jumper or school blazer
– Tailored bottle green slacks
– Dark brown stockings

– Tie – bottle green to match trims on shirt (optional)
– Green school scarf
– School badge (optional)
– Girls’ hair accessories

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