Trashed laceup school shoes

School shoes sure take a beating. Girls wear them five days a week for the entire school year.

But it isn’t just unbuckled t-bars that fall apart. Girls also destroy laceups, like this pair of ‘Jezra’ shoes by Wilde.

Brand new Harrison t-bar school shoes

Here is a brand new pair of Harrison Idaho t-bar school shoes. Fresh out of the box, the cardboard is still inside the shoe.

Harrison-style shoes by Bluehaven Shoes

Bluehaven Shoes is an Australian company that sells two Harrison-styled school shoes.

The ‘Lorraine’ t-bar, with a butterfly style cutout on the vamp.

And the plain looking ‘Flanders’ laceup.

If you’re after a school shoe that looks great but is also comfortable and supportive, you’ve come to the right place! Bluehaven school shoes are all made from high quality materials, making them durable and long wearing.

Recommended by health professionals, the removable insoles in the Bluehaven range also make them orthotic friendly.