Winter socks at MacRob

Girls at Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School were once allowed to wear knee high black socks with their winter uniform. But due to girls mixing socks with tights, tights are now mandatory.

1 September 2014

Q: any ideas why the black sock winter uniform rule changed last year?

A: hey anonymous! < 3

we’re not one hundred percent sure but from what we’ve heard black socks are no longer accepted as winter uniform wear because apparently they look sloppy.

also, note that when black socks were still allowed, all students were meant to wear knee high socks but mac.rob has a history of nearly all students choosing to wear the ankle ones or the ones that just cover your heels – which by the way, are not acceptable.

if you decide to wear black socks, they must be knee-high. anything else is unacceptable even if it’s black.

another reason is that a lot of students have been wearing socks over stockings which is not cool according to the school.

i guess that’s why they changed the rule to stockings only.

hope that helped!

your fam leaders. < 3

31 August 2014

Q: can you wear black knee high socks in winter

A: Hey! Black knee high socks were allowed last year but MacRob recently changed their dress-code and now it’s only black stockings/tights to be worn with your winter uniform.

Hope that clears the confusion up 🙂

Little Kim

9 January 2017

Q: can you guys please make a list of things you should definitely know before going to macrob?

A: No black socks over your tights for winter

3 April 2017

Q: Is it alright to wear black ankle socks on top of the stockings?

A: Hey,

It’s not allowed for you to wear black socks over your stockings, and some teachers will make you take them off. However if you wear them under your stockings teachers don’t really seem to point it out.


FAM xx


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