New uniform at Ave Maria College

In 2013 Ave Maria College introduced a new school uniform, coinciding with the school’s 50th Anniversary. The burgundy, charcoal and white colour palette is distinctive and the styling of the individual pieces is contemporary.

Ave Maria post-2014 summer and winter uniform

Ave Maria pre-2016 winter and summer uniform

April 2014

Uniform Regulations 2014

The new uniform is compulsory for all new students, Year 8 and incoming Year 7 students in 2014. A three‐year transition into the new uniform is allowed for students at other year levels. From the commencement of 2016, all students will be required to wear all components of the new uniform.

During the transition period, items of the superseded uniform and the new uniform cannot be worn together. New replacement garments from the superseded uniform range will be available as required from the Colleges’ uniform supplier. Failure to adhere to the College Uniform regulations will, in the first instance; result in the issuing of a demerit. We thank parents for their support as we introduce the new uniform.

February 2014

Old Ave Maria College Uniforms

We are collecting old uniforms to send to Timor-Leste (East
Timor). We need any pieces of the pre-2016 uniform that you
no longer need. This includes: summer, winter and sports
uniform, socks and shoes (if in good condition).

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