Brown school shoes in New South Wales

A handful of schools in New South Wales require their students to wear brown school shoes. With black shoes more common, this is an increasingly more difficult task for parents.

Sydney Girls High School students in winter uniform with brown shoes, and white socks or brown tights

January 2013

Owner of Wilson’s Shoe Store Colleen Foster said the store specialised in school shoes and there were predictable trends in when people bought school shoes.

Mothers brought children starting school into the shop before Christmas whereas those older students going to high school left it to the last moment before the school term started, she said.

The other trend was the demand for brown school shoes which were worn in three or four of Sutherland Shire’s schools, the remainder being black.

The choice of school shoes was also narrowed by principals who would not allow students to wear canvas shoes, sandshoes or ballet-type footwear if they were studying hospitality courses.

Sydney Girls High School is a “uniform school”. The distinctive brown and yellow uniform is well known and readily identifiable with SGHS.

Students wear brown lace-up school shoes. No other colour or style is acceptable. White school ankle socks or brown school stockings are both available from the Uniform Shop.

Click to access uniform_code_2015.pdf

Bangor Primary School is a Uniform School. School uniform is as follows : Brown Leather shoes

Click to access Uniform%20Order%20Form.pdf

Kirrawee Public School. Brown school shoes are required. Girls require white socks.

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