My T-bars were brown… another mother reminisces

Another mother reminisces about her school days.

kootoyoo - My T-bars were brown…

March 1, 2012

Did you know I’m the mother of a Year 9? It’s such a big year isn’t it?

I’ve been chatting in the car with my freshly minted Year 9 all about how things were for me “back in the day”. When I say stuff like “when I was at school” I feel like my mum. I think to myself…who cares?…that was about 100 years ago…things are different now! I’ve come to realise that actually things aren’t so different. Year 9 girls will have the same issues today that they were having when I was there and for that matter when my mum was there too.

My Year 9 year honestly feels like it was yesterday. The smell is as fresh in my nostrils today as it was all those years ago. I run the streets I walked as a Year 9 and reclaim my 14 going on 15 year old self. I hear the voices of my peers as my girl recounts conversations from her day.

It’s like looking in a mirror at my place at the moment… except that my T-bars were brown.

And some other mothers add their two cents.


my T-Bars were brown too…only in Adelaide they were called PaddleSteamers- because of the pattern on the front of the shoe.


When I was in high school, back in the mid 80′s you were not allowed to wear T-Bars. It was lace ups all the way.

In year 9 I fondly remember riding my bike down a big hill wearing brand new leather lace-ups and dragging those new shoes ALL the way down that very big hill. Needless to say they no longer looked new and shiny (and Mum was far from impressed)

Funny thing now at my daughter’s school they have outlawed T Bars starting this year. Something about students not doing them up properly. So now, she (Year 8) is not very pleased at having to wear the dreaded lace-ups.

Needless to say I have not shared my own experience, just in case!


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