Problems with brown school shoes at St Augustine’s Keilor

In Melbourne brown school shoes are a rare sight. This makes it hard for parents who need to find a pair of their children who are required to wear them. This school had to contact local shoe shops for help.

Brown shoes from Morton's Shoes, Ivanhoe

September 2015

Brown School Shoes

I have been in contact with Betts Kids, (Watergardens) about supplying brown school shoes for our school. They have styles available in brown but need to order them in (7-10 days) until they ascertain that it is viable to stock them.

I have also contacted Williams, (Watergardens) who state that they have limited shoes available. They will also order shoes in. They will have certainly have brown shoes in their ‘Back to school’ promotion

There is a significant number of students not wearing correct school footwear at the moment. I suggest that you get down to Betts Kids or Williams, get your child measured up and your order should be ready for the start of Term 4.


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