Girls schools with brown shoes

The list of schools where girls still wear brown shoes with their uniform is short, and shinking.

Old school Harrison Idaho t-bar school shoes in brown

Currently allow brown t-bar shoes

  • Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School
  • Ivanhoe Grammar School
  • Eltham College
  • Lauriston Girls’ School
  • Melbourne Girls Grammar School
  • St Dominic’s Priory College, Adelaide
  • St Aloysius College, Adelaide
  • Mary MacKillop College for Girls, Adelaide

Currently allow brown lace up shoes

  • Firbank Girls’ Grammar School
  • Killester College

Recently swapped brown lace up shoes for black

  • Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School
  • Kilbreda College
  • Siena College
  • Kildare College, Adelaide
  • Walford Anglican School For Girls, Adelaide

Recently dropped brown t-bar shoes for black shoes or laceups

  • Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School
  • Star of the Sea College
  • Killester College
  • Siena College
  • Kilbreda College

Dropped brown t-bar shoes a long time ago

  • St Michael’s Grammar School
  • Academy of Mary Immaculate
  • Sacré Cœur School

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